Wednesday, 31 October 2018

Young man found hanged in his room at Alor in Anambra state.

A young man identified as Innoma has been found hanged in his room at Alor in Idemili South local government area of Anambra state.

The sad tell was shared by Chukwudi peace. This is what he shared on his Facebook wall.

A promising young man Innoma from Nwose Nzeli family Ezi-Oye Ide village body was found dangling from the ceiling dead this afternoon in their family compound.

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Shocking! Man pose as doctor to kills 7 persons in South Africa.

So a Twitter user @Queen_iie has taken to her page to share a picture of man she allegedly killed 7 people including members of her family. The man claim that he works in a hospital in Johannesburg South Africa.

In a series of tweets she wrote, "This is the guy that brought pain to my family, the guy who brutally murdered 7 people including my nephew, he murdered 5 on Friday and buried them inside their house and murdered my nephew and his mom yesterday (Sunday)..."

He works at Johannesburg General Hospital, I can't go into detail as to what happened all I'm asking for awareness please share the picture until he is found, he goes around in the street saying his name is Sibusiso Khoza.. ."

When probed further by her followers, she wrote, I have no idea .  He claims to be a part of your family, I don't know where he gets info but he comes with all the family info calls himself with the same Surname of your family then says he is a doctor from Cape Town. Then when everyone gets comfortable around him , he kills them.

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Man slumps and dies while on early morning jogging in Aba, Abia state.

According to a report by New Telegraph, a yet-to-be-identified man yesterday died during an early morning road exercise in Aba, Abia State.

Witnesses said the man, aged between 30 and 35, was exercising on Ikot Ekpene Road, Ogbor Hill when he suddenly slumped and died before he could be taken to the hospital. The incident led to traffic build up as the deceased lay on the road while sympathizers raised a barrier to alert motorists to avoid crushing the body.

“The man was exercising on the road before he suddenly collapsed and foams started coming out of his mouth. Nobody knew what happened to him, but when he collapsed on the road, we knew there was a problem. Some people checked him for any means of identification. None was found,” a witness said.

The body had been deposited in a mortuary.
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Woman butchered to death by a ritualist in Oghara, Delta state.

An middle aged woman who come out early in the morning to prepare garri has been butchered to death by unknown person and some of her vitals parts harvested.

The incident happened in Oghara Delta state. The story was shared by Emurotu Juliet and she wrote, "Wonder's shall never end. This is what happened today at oghara
An old woman who came out this morning to fry garri  at 2:30am was killed by an unknown person"

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Tuesday, 30 October 2018

I don't feel comfortable driven by a woman, laments a man offered a ride by a woman.

So a Twitter user @callmeAbimbola has taken to her page to share a story of her encounter with a young who she offered a ride and the guy told him that he's not comfortable being driven by a lady.

Read her incredible story.

Offered a guy a ride from Yaba to Obalende this morning. Just as we're approaching Alagomeji, uncle asked me if he can drive. Said he's not comfortable being driven by a woman. I parked and told him to come and take the wheel. Once he got down, I just zoomed off. Arrant nonsense

Funny thing is the guy is quite young. He can't be more than 25. How can someone that young have this sort of mentality?

I actually did not think that the guy could have wanted to get away with my car at the time. Now that I think of it though, that's a big possibility. We need to be careful out there. These thieves now have different ways of operating

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Our plane flew aimlessly for 2 hours, write a man whose Lagos bound plane nearly crashed.

Facebook user Grend Miebaka Ibimina has taken to to his wall to share a story and video of how they survived a near fatal air accident on board a flight from Port-Harcourt to Lagos. He said that the honourable minister of transport was on the same plane.

Read him.

No place for argument! We left port Harcourt at about 22:00, experienced some turbulence while descending into Lagos, the pilot said there was storm passing through WA this period, and that it was a rare occurrence. At about 23:30, he made the first attempt to land, I sat by the window so I could see a bit more, the plane was close to touching the ground, when a sudden wind came from the side and took over the plane, pilot  aborted the landing, with the plane shaking from side to side due to the wind force, and the engines crying from very high RPM, he made his way back up. People shouted, cried, prayed, and there I was forming cool guy. My colleague siting behind said "Ibimina, that was a close call" Mr cool guy was there quite saying we will land soon, soon turned into over 2 hours of the pilot struggling to control the plane, people passing out, prayers turning into receive my soul... But just before the failed first attempt of five attempts, the Lord asked me to pray because it will be worse, I felt it was my many documentaries on "moments before disaster" getting the better of me. For more than two hours, we died many deaths, I thought about my wife and my son, as tears dripped down my face(I just started crying again).
A thought came to me to say my final prayers, the pilot was finding it difficult to steady the plane for over an hour, then I asked myself why did He ask me to pray, if I will still die, so I refused to pray any prayer of "receive my soul" I began to shout Tamunodein!!!!(the peace of God) which happens to be my son's name, I said the storms obeyed You, they will obey you again today, I refuse to die like this! I speak your peace and declare that You provide a window for this plane to land, by the sixth attempt HE gave us a window and we landed at about 01:02am today. The air hostes at some point started shouting, "people, call upon God, we will survive, raise your praises God is able to do it"
I can't write all that happened, but when we got off the plane, someone from the control room met us and said we went off the radar more than three times. My colleague went to the curpit to thank the pilot, and he told him, he had flown over 50 planes and has never seen this before.
They gathered today to end us, but the Lord sent HIS angels, and  Rebuked them.
A thousand tongues truly won't be enough... The Lord spared our lives.
May God bless the pilot of Arik Air flight W3745 from PH - LOS, to all those that survived with me, including the minister of transport, we owe Him our lives. He is a great deliverer!!!
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Monday, 29 October 2018

Pilot steers helicopter off busy area to reduce casualties in the Leicester city crash.

On Saturday, a helicopter belonging to the owner of Leicester football club of England crashed and killed all the passengers on board including the owner.

New details have emerged that the pilot of chopper heroically steer the helicopter off a busy road therefore reducing the number of casualties.

Read what Twitter user @AddyAlberti wrote on his page, RIP to the pilot Eric Swaffer. Reports saying he heroically steered the helicopter away from cars. Not really had much of a mention. A life is a life no matter about wealth. RIP sir!
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Two petty thieves caught and given the beating of their lives in Sapele, Delta state.

Two petty thieves who specialises in stealing car batteries and phones at late hour have been caught by some person and giving the beating of their lives in Sapele, Delta state.

The thieves identified as Promise Enaro and one known as Maltina were caught at Ajemikalaja street in Amukpe, Sapele and they confessed to be the persons terrorizing parts of the Old road after extensive beating by the irate crowd.

According to reports by Sapele Oghenek, the two men where pardoned by the chairman of the local vigilante and asked to pack out of the community.
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189 persons feared dead following the crash of an Indonesian aircraft.

An Indonesian airline with 189 passengers and crews on board have crashed into the sea Monday morning according to authority.

The Boeing aircraft operated by Lion airline was said to have taken off from from Jakarta to the city of Pangkal Pinang off the island of Sumatra and crashed into the sea minutes after take off.

The aircraft was said to have lost contact with the control towers 13 minutes after take off. Meanwhile, some debris and other personal belongings have been found washed of the sea.

Over 300 persons are said to be involved in search operations
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Check out a conversation between a 28 year old man who is contacting a 12 year old to have a relationship.

A disturbed father has taken to social media to share a picture of a 28 year old man who is contacting his 12 year baby to have a relationship with her.

In a shocking conversation they had, the man knows she's twelve and was talking about them having sex.

Read the conversation.

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Leicester city owner and four others dies in a helicopter crash close to his stadium.

The owner of Leicester City FC died and another 4 persons have died when his helicopter crashed outside the stadium, the club has confirmed.

Vichai Srivaddhanaprabha, two members of his staff, the pilot and a passenger were killed when the aircraft crashed at about 20:30 BST on Saturday.

Witnesses said the helicopter just cleared the King Power Stadium before it spiralled out of control and crashed in a fireball.
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Saturday, 27 October 2018

Wicked! Woman immerses her wards hand in hot water for eating rice.

A woman has taken to her to Facebook page to alleged that a woman immersed her wards hand in a boiling water for eating her own portion of rice.

Read what Emmy Egbeigwe Nnobi wrote on her wall, Wickedness in high places.
Their aunty did this to them in the Clayasland community.  She placed their hands in boiling water for eating her dry rice in her absence. I can imagine their pains...

We ask that she be prosecuted in keeping with laws of the land while the children be properly cared for.

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Check out what a taxi driver did to this lady in Lagos.

Instagram user @adebolaisaac has taken to his page to share a story of a lady who was assaulted by a taxi driver he entered his vehicle.

In a post shared he wrote, Does anybody know this lady? I met her at Musa Yar’adua street vi, crying with blood all over her that the Taxify driver she took from ajah robbed her and made away with her belongings, I took her to Reddington hospital beside Mega plaza. Anyone who knows her should please check her at the hospital. Pple be careful out there

Watch the video
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Friday, 26 October 2018

Thunder kills a man while cutting down trees in Ondo forest.

Aluko Ramoni a timber contractor, was reportedly struck dead by thunder on Wednesday, while cutting an iroko tree in Ifira Akoko, area of Ondo State.

According to reports, Aluko was in the forest with one of his colleagues carrying out their daily activities when the weather became cloudy and thunderstorm started.

While going about their business despite the heavy downpour, the thunder struck and he died instantly.

Many of the villagers trooped out to catch a glimpse of the remains of the man who was killed by thunder.

The family of Aluko are currently at loggerhgeads with the traditional worshippers in the area. While the family demand that his remains be interred by them, the traditional worshippers are demanding that Aluko be interred in the forest since he died there.

Confirming the incident, the state police comamnd spokesperson, Femi Joseph, said the incident was quite unfortunate. Joseph added that the Divisional Police Officer in Isua in Akoko South-East Local Government Area of the state, Superintendent Biodun Ojediran, has been directed to further investigate the matter.
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28 year old suspected cultist nabbed by vigilante group in Bayelsa state

Following the ugly incident that took place at Swali axis in Yenagoa that led to the death of a young man identified as Samuel Dagogo aka small samo at noon hours today.

The attention of the Bayelsa State Volunteers was drawn and they immediately swung into action and apprehend a 28 year old cultist identified as Frank Egbemege from Diebu community in southern ijaw local government area, who was reportedly involved in the killing of Dagogo from Isoni community in Sagbama LGA.

The said Frank Egbemege confessed to be a member of the Greenland confraternity.

He was handed over to men of the Nigerian Police, anti cultism unit for further investigation and prosecution.
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Man strips naked to avoid arrest by government traffic officers in Awka

It was a funny but sad event today as a driver of Eastern mass transit stripped unclad to resist ATMA (Anambra Traffic Management Agency) arrest as he offended the traffic rule by parking at a toll zone at Aroma flyover.
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Woman who got a wrong bag from a bus conductor looks for the real owner.

A woman has taken to her Facebook wall to say she was given a wrong pack by a conductor after alighting from a bus in Onitsha, the commercial city of Onitsha. She's calling on the public to help her locate the person that owns the bag.

Read what Chinenye Seth wrote, After buying things from main market yesterday,I dropped at Savoy in Awka road.... The conductor mistakenly threw someone's bag to me thinking its mine because they were similar...Before I could call out to the conductor, the bus had already taken off....I stood at the bustop for5 hours to know if the owner of the bag will come looking for me but I didn't see her... This morning I went to Emeka Of for where I boarded the bus to know if I can see the bud or hopefully the woman in case she comes searching for it I couldn't....
Please if you know anybody that came to main market from Awka, Abagana and its axis and was given a wrong bag, tell him/her to contact me because the goods I carried is worth more than mine and this is someone's sweat.....
PS:you can share pls
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Thursday, 25 October 2018

3 members of African Action Congress drown in a river in Delta state.

The African Action Congress party is sad to announce that we have lost three members from the Delta State AAC family. The men were returning from an outreach effort related to State AAC activities when their car fell into a river on a particularly bad stretch of road that has claimed many lives in the past.

At this dark time, we mourn the loss of these brave men, and ask all of our members to pray that their patriotic and revolutionary souls rest in peace. The deceased include Pastor Jones Abushe, Mr. Edris Sani, and Mr. Ernest Omamode Ojegba – all of them people who were tired of the status quo in their state and seeking to bring about positive transformation.

We also use this opportunity to remember and pray for their families that they might find the strength to bear this tragic loss.

We continue to rise and seek for better infrastructure, better care for our citizens, and more value to human lives even as we grieve.

May the souls of the dearly departed rest in peace.

As shared by Sahara Reporter Sowore
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Wednesday, 24 October 2018

Five week old baby found dead in a drainage in Awka, Anambra state.

It is a gory scene at the Majuo area of Ziks Avenue, Awka, as the body of about five weeks old baby, presumed to have been aborted, is found dead, dumped into a roadside drainage channel.

Residents, who clustered around the scene pelting curses at the culprit of such despicable act, tell us that the baby must have been wrapped into clothes and thrown into the gutter while it rained last night.

Source: ABS
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Communal clash, suspected solider shot dead 4 person in Warri, Delta state.

An unarmed Aladja boy was allegedly  killed by army officials over Ogbe-Ijoh and Aladja crisis Monday.

Also three unarmed women and another young man were also shot dead yesterday  by soldiers

We are appealing to the state government,  community leaders to do all they can to make peace work among the two communities

May the souls of the departed rest in peace

As shared by Sapele Olofofo
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Do you know this missing boy?

This child named Bright Isaac was involved in an accident yesterday on there way to Rivers state at Ahoada axis. Mother died at the spot. He's from Ogbia Town Outuokpoti. Please if any one knows his family they should inbox me. He's still at the hospital. No parents there, please his life is at risk

As shared by Austin Bebara 
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Tuesday, 23 October 2018

38 year old man arrested for raping an eight year old girl in Ogun state.

A 38-year-old man Abiodun Ojo have been  arrested for having a carnal knowledge of an 8 year old girl. The incident happened at Magbara, a village near Idiroko, a border community in Ipokia Local Government Council Area, in Ogun State.

The suspect who, according to the state Police Public Relations Officer (PPRO), DSP Abimbola Oyeyemi, was a co-tenant with the victim's parents.

He was said to had lured the girl into a bush path under the pretence of wanting to send her on an errand and forcefully had carnal knowledge of her.

It was the shouting and crying of the girl that attracted the attention of local vigilante operatives who rescued the girl and placed a distress call to Police at Idiroko division.
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South Africa based pastor poisoned his two daughters and himself over martial crisis.

A Zimbabwean Pastor, Precocious Mpofu, 36, has reportedly poisons his two daughters to death before killing himself over marital issues.

The South African based pastor allegedly forced his two daughters, Shalom (11) and Panashe (7) to drink a drainage cleaning chemical before also taking it in Yeoville suburb, Johannesburg.

The deceased, who is alleged to have been a pastor at Prophet Blessing Chiza’s Eagle Life Assembly and his wife, Ms Chido Chipangura had recently separated but she was still living in South Africa.

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Monday, 22 October 2018

55 persons killed in a communal crash in Kaduna state.

Nigeria has deployed a special police force to restore calm in the northern state of Kaduna following communal violence that killed 55 people in the last few days, President Muhammadu Buhari said on Sunday.

The Kaduna state government imposed a 24-hour curfew on Sunday after violence broke out on the streets of the state’s capital city, also called Kaduna.

The violence in the state capital follows clashes between two communities in the Kasuwan Magani area of southern Kaduna which left 55 dead.

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Slay queen tied her baby to her back and go clubbing. Video

A slay queen has defied all odds and took her baby strapped on her back to a club. In a video making the rounds on social media, the slay queen was seen dancing with her baby tied on her back. Have no idea where it happened.

Watch the video

Why would a club allow her to come in with a baby.
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Check the moment a building collapsed on club goers in America. Video

At least 30 people have been injured after a floor collapsed inside an apartment clubhouse in Clemson, South Carolina. USA.


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Saturday, 20 October 2018

3 died as police officer drags vehicle steering with a suspected Yahoo boy.

We just got feeds that a ghastly motor accident  occurred at about 9:30 pm yesterday along  Ogborikoko Road, Warri, Delta State

According to an eyewitness, trouble started when one of the police officers  stationed at the Ogborikoko  axis flagged down a car belonging to a yahoo boy.  The driver was said to have slowed down,  but when the police officer was  forcefully  trying to take control of the steering the driver decided to zoom off

This led to the Accident,  the said police officer died on the spot, an army officer was certified dead and the driver as well.  2 other civilians were also brutally injured and were rushed to Capitol Hill Clinic were they are currently  receiving treatment.

As shared by Sapele Olofofo
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Ganduje's bribery scandal, check out a letter written by Kano House of Assembly to invite the accuser for public hearing.

Following the bribery allegations that is rocking the Kano state governor, the Kano state house of Assembly has written to Jafar Jafar, the man that exposed Gov Ganduje to appear before it's committee investigating the bribe video.

It is a public hearing, and the publisher will be given an opportunity to speak and tender evidence.

Just check out the letter.

These guys are not serious.
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Thursday, 18 October 2018

Father report his yahoo yahoo son to EFCC in Kaduna.

The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC Kaduna Zonal office has investigated a case of conspiracy and theft reported to the Commission by an exceptional father.

The father  (name witheld) in April 2017 became a whistle blower after his son (then a secondary school student) intimated him that he had bought a house and a shop valued over N2 Million  (Two Million Naira) only.

The information of the purchase shocked the father beyond his imagination as such he decided to make a formal complain to the Commission having perceived signs of fraud from his son's explanantion of how he got the money.

His son, Adamu, said he got the money through his phone line which after purchase he began receiving alerts running into millions of Naira.

Investigations into the matter began immediately and all parties involved were invited accordingly and their statements were taken as the principal accused person mentioned two other accomplicies in the crime.

In the course of investigations, it was discovered that Adamu withdrew monies in bits from a First Bank account number 3033389599 owned by one Porong Daniel Nash (a farmer in plateau state); and credited same to different accounts.

Consequently, all accused persons where arrested and recoveries were made to the tune of N939,000 (Nine Hundred and Thirty Nine Thousand Naira) only of which same was returned to the rightful owner by the Zonal Office.

As shared by EFCC official page on Facebook.
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Funeral service held for the Catholic seminarian who was shot by the Cameroonian army.

Remember that Catholic seminarian who was allegedly shot dead by the Cameroonian army in Bamenda. Well, he has been buried.

In a post shared on Facebook by Kemi Ashu, she wrote, Funeral service for the seminarian who was shot in Babesi.

See pictures.

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9 recused as a three storey building collapsed in Nnewi, Anambra state.

A three storey building has collapsed at Okpuno Otolo in Nnewi LGA of Anambra State. Volunteers have rescued at least nine trapped victims alive. Efforts ongoing to rescue others who are still trapped inside the debris

Source: TVC news
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'I sell air conditioner for 1,500 to 3,000, confessed a house burglar in Delta state.

A young man has been caught by a local vigilante after he dismantled an air conditioner he stole from an office according to a report by Sapele Unugbarada. The incident happened at Sapele

Read the interaction between the alleged burglar and some news men. "My name is Harrison.I broke into the office and stole this AC, I immediately disassembled it into fragments to guide against suspicion for onward delivery to scrap sellers. I usually sell a complete Air-condition , between N1500 -3000 depending on the horsepower"

This is an AC has a market value of over N80,000, and is now sold for such a meagre amount. He was remanded together with his buyer in prison custody

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5 persons killed by thunder strike in Cross Rivers state.

Five persons were killed Tuesday afternoon by a thunder strike during a heavy down in Cross Rivers state according to Instablog Naija.

The incident was said to have happened at a popular market called Utanga in Utanga community in Obanliku local government area of the state.

According to reports, the victims included two females and three males – the thunder also left its impact on a tree close to the stall where the tragedy occurred.

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