Sunday, 31 December 2017

If anything happens to Buhari son, Igbo infidels will atone for it, rants Twitter users.

A man who identified as Dauda Umar Potiskum and goes by the Twitter handle @Ibraheem_Pkm has said that Igbo in the north should be held responsible if anything happens to President Buhari son who was involved in a bike accident recently. In a tweet he sent out, he refered to Ndigbo as infidel and said that they should atone if anything happens to Buhari's son.

Read him: Should anything untoward befalls Yusuf Buhari, the blood of infidel Men, Women & Children of Igbo extraction resident in Northern Nigeria will atone for it.

Wonder what Igbo have to do with the accident of Yusuf Buhari and why they should atone for it.

It's only in Nigeria that you can send out such tweet and still remaining in employment.

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Robbers attacked us and tried to rape me, girls narrates her ordeal in hands of armed robbers

It was a very awful and bitter incident which took place on 29/12/2017 at about 2:00am.

I woke to the cries of my neighbour who was  helplessly calling and pleading to God to come to her rescue. I came out with my mom asking what was wrong, we saw 2 rough looking guys with a gun and an axe, attacking them.

The robbers ordered us to go back into our house and they later followed us. They requested for our money and they collected as much as they can, then they ordered me to go and lie down on the bed. I exclaimed and asked, " Heh! Chi Ogbugbandu I g'ekwe? (Oh Covenant Keeping God, will you permit this?

I ran out of the house immediately and ran towards a fence demarcating us from the neighbouring compound. I didn't know how i got to the fence top, next i saw myself in the neighbouring compound. I stood up and staggered to their door and pleaded with them to open their door and when they did, I narrated the situation at hand to them.

The robbers didn't catch me so they went back into the house and tooks all the phones in the house.

About 30 minutes later, my mom called out to me and asked me to return to the house that it is over.

When I got back, my neighbour explained that at the time she was crying, that those heartless fools were forcefully attempting to molest her 16 year old daughter, despite the innocent girl's cries and pleas. The girl later ran out  of the compound through a hole under our gate, into the night darkness.

We were still there discussing our ordeal when one of the bastards returned with his torchlight and gun. This time, he is undressed with just a boxer and he said to me, "you thought you have escaped from me".

Recognising him, viaaaam! I took to my heels and ran to the backyard. He threatened to shoot me if i run but I didn't care. My mom started shouting, calling out to the neighourhood and saying prayers to the Covenant keeping God. The robber threatened to shoot her but she didn't care so he shot in the air but i didnt look back.

I got to the fence top again but this time i didnt jump over because i saw another person jump over and i guessed it was a robber, I jumped back into our  compound and hide in a plantain plantation. There i stayed quietly while silently saying prayers to my Maker.

It wasnt long before people from my neighbourhood started entering my compound with their weapons and the robber escaped through the back fence.

I came out of my hiding place and tearfully sang victorious songs of praise to my Covenant Keeping God who saved me.

I am still in shock and pain but I thank God because it is only his Grace that saved me.

As shared by Debby Chinonyerem Obidinma.
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Fulani herdsmen attacks community again, kill one and inflict injuries on others.

A man was killed and many inflicted with various injuries when a community that was attacked previously by some Fulani herdsmen was attacked again. The community is Tambo Jimoh and it's located in Girei local government area of Adamawa state.

In a post shared by Zeland care foundation on their Facebook wall they wrote,
Yesterday 28/12/2017 Fulani militants attacked Tamboh Jimoh, a village in Gerei LG of adamawa state again, they killed one James Hamman and injured 4 others

It would be recalled that on 25/12/2017 the militants attacked this same area, killed one Danbaki Talami and seriously injured 4 others.

See the pictures. Viewers discretion adviced.

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Driver crushed his motor boy's head in Sapele, Delta state.

A truck conveying a dredger to another site belonging to an oil servicing firm have crushed a motor boy's head in Sapele, Delta state.

According to an eyewitness report as shared by Sapele Oghnek on his Facebook wall, he said that the motor boy had earlier alighted from the vehicle to help his driver to negotiate a turn and he later entered the truck again.

Later the truck entered into a big pot hole which made the motor boy fell off the truck and crashed land on the road in between the tires of the truck and his head was crushed immediately by the tires of his truck. He died on the spot.

Later man of the federal road safety commission helped to evacuate his mangled body.  What a sad way to die. Graphic pictures.

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Young man that came in to celebrate with family died in a road accident in Delta state.

A young guy who recently returned to Nigeria to celebrate with his family has died in a road accident in Agbor, Delta state. He was said to have hit a truck with his sports utility vehicle and died on the spot. This is sad.

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Saturday, 30 December 2017

Newly born baby dumped in an incompleted building in Kawo area of Kaduna state.

A baby that was barely few hours old has been found by resident of Kawo in Kaduna state.

In a post shared by Usman Aum he wrote,We just found this small or newly born baby inside incompleted house at Kawo this afternoon by 2:30pm. So people should be GOD fearing. Remember one day which is the last day surely ALLAH most ask you how far you gone with your life time.

I keep asking, why will a woman carry pregnancy to fill term and then drop the baby to die. Why not take the baby to a home. This is sad
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Fuel truck rammed into and destroyed the statue of 1st Nigerian Senate at Nnewi.

A  fuel truck driver has destroyed a popular staute of Dr Nwafo Orizu in Nnewi when it lost it's break and rammed into it. Dr Nwafo Orizu is the first president of Nigeria in the first republic.

The accident happened at the popular Nkwo Nnewi triangle which is at the heart of the town. Luckily there was no casualty.

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Friday, 29 December 2017

Wicked! Boyfriend stabs girlfriend 24 times with screwdriver in South Africa.

What is really happening in South African? It seem most stories that emanates from there is lovers killing their lovers over little squabbles.

According to a report, a man identified as Sandile has stabbed and killed her girlfriend named Nomcebo with a sharpened screwdriver, it was said to be a premeditated murder as he is alleged to have used a knife as well, stabbing her approximately 24 times on the 17th of December 2017.

He then there after toke her bank card and withdrew all her salary, locked her in her house, took both her phones and ran. He is currently on the run.

He is said to be dangerous and probably mentally unstable. He allegedly stabbed a girl in Nelspruit and drowned her then ran to Ermelo. In Ermelo, he stabbed the mother of his child, who survived and now he has murdered Nomcebo Mokoena.

He seem to be a serial killer, abuser and thief. The authorities need to do catch him as soon as possible and sent him where he belongs.

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Armed robber who killed his partner report himself to police in Bayelsa

25-year-old armed robber ThankGod Smith, who reportedly killed his 23-year-old partner Peter Napoleon by mistake as they attacked one Francis Chibueze along Bakery Road, Azikoro Village, Yenegoa, Bayelsa State, walked into a Police Station to report himself.

According to the State’s Police PRO, the incident occurred around 8pm on 22 December, 2017, and ThankGod Smith who panicked after Police swung into action, came to Azikoro Police Station on 23 December, 2017 on his own volition and confessed to the armed robbery and killing his gang member.

The suspect also led a team of Policemen to an uncompleted building in Bakery Road, Azikoro Village, where the gun was recovered.
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I dead and many others injured in a fatal road accident at Azia Junction, Anambra state.

A road accident has left one dead and others seriously injured at Azia Junction in Anambra state. According to an eyewitness Kingsley Ogbonna who shared the story on his wall, he said that the lady that died is planning to have her traditional marriage in the next five days.

He wrote, One died instantly while many was seriously injured!! This happened before my very two eyes! It happened @Azia junction, owerri/Onitsha express road. From my investigations i noticed that the lady that died instantly has only five days to her traditional wedding!!

She was actually hocking "okpa" before she meet her death!!! What a sad news!!!
R.l.P dear.

Very graphic pictures.

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12 dead in apartment block fire in New York.

At least 12 people have died in a massive apartment fire in New York City according to officials. It remains unclear how many people were injured in the blaze. It happened in the Belmont neighborhood of the Bronx on Thursday evening.
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Thursday, 28 December 2017

'Aba boys we're waiting for you guys' Wizkid's fan beg to have a cheaper version of his designers wear.

So recently Nigeria music superstar Wizkid wore a designers shirt and pants that have a combined value of 4,700 USD. That amount when changed into naira is more than 1.6 million. Some Nigerians are not finding it funny that Ojuelegba crooner wore such an "expensive" clothes and have deviced a way to get their own come next year.

One such person is Twitter user @iambussmarn who has asked that Aba tailors should make a replica ASAP. He wrote, "Aba boys, we're waiting for you guys to produce our own at affordable prices. Please this should be the first set of products you guys should produce after this festive period. Thanking y'all in anticipation". Lol


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Humble or Stunt! Check out this federal lawmaker that rides bicycle in his constituency.

Hon. Loveth Idisi, a member representing Ethiope Federal Constituency in the National Assembly was in the news recently for riding a bicycle in his constituency. He was seen buying akara and other personal stuff from his village. In one of the pictures shared by one of his assistant's social media account, he was seen using his leg to hold the horns of a cow.

What do you guys think? Is he "humble" or just another publicity stunt.

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Ex-boxer turned pastor beat his wife to death over feeding money in Anambra state.

An ex-boxer Mr Evaristus Ezehiri, who is alleged to be a pastor of the Lord's Chosen Church has beaten his wife to death when she requested for some money to enable her cook on Christmas day. Rather than provide the money,  he gave a severe beating leading to her death.

The tragic incident happened in Uli, Ihiala Local Government Area of Anambra state.

This angered the youths in the community who beat the man up and set his house ablaze. Some charms were discovered in the so - called pastor's house!

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Man seen roaming the streets of Lagos after returning from UK

A man identified as Chuks Samson from Ogidi Town in Anambra State was seen roaming the streets of Lagos after arriving Nigeria on the 5th of December 2017 aboard Emirates Airline from London.

According to a witness, Anselm Ojietu, who met him and interviewed him, the man’s mental health deteriorated badly as he temporarily went insane – walking around with his bags after arriving the country for Christmas.


Now, efforts are being made to locate his people
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See the number of hands helping NNPC boss to dispense fuel.

Nigerian and Nigerians leaders never cease to amazed us. There is fuel scarcity in the nation and fuel prices have jumped to 70 to 100 percent in some parts of the country where it is found against the government regulated price.

To be seen to be doing their work, the group managing director of the National oil company NNPC has been going round some filling station in the country trying to catch those that have the products and have refused to sell to create artificial scarcity.

This picture was taken at one of the filling station he recently visited. How many men can you see helping in the dispensing of the fuel? SMH. What do you call this?

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Man spared when a heavy duty truck rammed into his shop in Port-Harcourt.

A man was spared in what would have been a fatal accident in Port-Harcourt the Rivers state capital when a truck rammed into his shop and destroyed goods worth millions of naira.

In a post shared on his Facebook wall Godswill Leeleebari said that a truck brake failed and ran into his shop and crushed everything except him.

Read him, Friends and families, well wishers world wide. See what God did for me today. 27/12/2017
Record braking miracle of the year. A truck failed break and ran straight into my shop, crushed everything except me. Please help me thank this Almighty God (Chukwu Okike abiama) may his name be praised for ever in Jesus name.

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