Friday, 30 November 2018

Vehicle with passengers still in a river five days after the incident.

This is shocking. Are there no emergency personnel and agencies in our country any more? How do we even explain this heartbreaking sight?

A vehicle which veered off a bridge in Delta state  is still floating in a river five days after the accident.

It was gathered that the vehicle fell off the bridge in Oghara, Ethiope West local government area of the state since last week Friday and it's yet to be recovered till now.

According to reports, no one knows how many passengers were in the vehicle before the accident as no rescue team visited the scene since the accident.

The local government and state government have been urged to send a team to confirm if there are victims inside the vehicle and to bring out the car from the river.
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Check out this bird that a family killed after morning prayer.

At about after 11 to 12am at midnight, that is yesterday night, my children were shouting that we should come and see bird in their room.

My senior son wake up to urinate, he had a sound, this owl followed him ,according to him he taught he was  his daddy, as he was coming back from the toilet he saw this owl and started pursueing him round the room, later went and stay on top of the door looking at my children.

We came and drove the owl down star, and close the door leading to step case, not knowing he  went to stay by stepcase waiting for us.

Afer morning prayers as we were going down step ,my son shouted and said the owl is still waiting, I woke my  husband and he killed the owl,

After killing the owl that was when I remember the dream I had 3 days ago, in my dream I saw fowl with is children ran under my lap as I was trying to pursue the fowl he refuse to go,and the fowl said ,am ask to count 100 people ,out of the 100 is only you I see.

As shared by Arumeni Omoafese Momodu

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Thursday, 29 November 2018

FSARS shot dead a member of lagos state traffic management agency.

A member of Lagos state traffic management agency has allegedly been shot dead by the anti robbery squad FSARS while he was going about his lawful business.

In a post by LASTMA on its official page they mourn the killing of the colleague. They wrote, We are deeply saddened to confirm the death of one of our gallant officers, Adeyemo Rotimi, who was murdered in cold blood by suspected FSARS operative while discharging his lawful duties at his point in Iyana Ipaja on the 28th of November, 2018.
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21 passengers dies in a fatal road accident in Uganda.

21 passengers in Link bus have been reported dead as the bus overturned this morning at Kikorongo in Kasese district Uganda. The total number of casualties is still unknown as more are still struggling for their lives at the nearest health center.
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39 year old man deflowers a 13 year old girl and shaves her pubic hair.

One Chika Okafor, 39, a resident of 3/16 Oketa Street, Mende, Maryland, Lagos, who, on October 17, 2018, raped a 15-year-old girl and shaved her pubic hair, has been arrested.

The teenager had run from home because her mum threatened to beat her for losing an important item. The suspect got her into his car and took her to a beer parlour where he convinced her to take some liquor.

Being her first time to indulge in such habit, the girl was completely knocked out after guzzling several bottles of alcoholic drinks. Seeing the state of the girl, Okafor took her to a hotel at Oshodi.

At this point, the little girl whom he had completely undressed, told him to let her be because she was a virgin, but he still went ahead and shaved her pubic hair, defiled her and went away with the shaved hair.

The following morning, the suspect took her to his friend’s place in Maryland and had his way with her the second time. He thereafter took the girl in his car and dropped her at the nearest location to her parents’ house.

However, the girl narrated her ordeal to her mum and she immediately petitioned the Commissioner of Police Imohimi Edgal who ordered a manhunt against the suspect.

He was, eventually, arrested on November 24, by detectives attached to the Gender Unit of the Lagos State police Command and will be charged to family Court on Friday.

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Wednesday, 28 November 2018

Young lady run mad after she was dropped off by some men in Ijebu Ode.

A young lady reportedly started behaving abnormally after she was dropped off from by some men in SUV in Ijebu Ode Ogun state.

In a report shared on Twitter by @iamAlub on his page, he wrote, "@iamAlub: This girl was dropped by the roadside at Ijebu ode by some guys in an SUV. She started behaving irrationally after that. Please rt till it gets to her family.


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First wife pour oil on the second wife at a church wedding in Imo state.

Confusion and commotion trailed a wedding ceremony over the weekend in Imo state after the groom’s first wife attacked the brides second wife.

According to reports, the groom went to Apostolic church at Nkwo Orji in Owerri North area of the state to wed his second wife, but the church rejected him being that he is already married.

It was gathered that the man went to another church known as the Altar of prayer Gospel ministries in the same area and the pastor accepted to wed them.

On the day of the wedding, Sunday, 25th November 2018, the first wife stormed the wedding venue and poured palm oil on the second wife’s wedding gown which nearly caused a big fight and attracted huge crowd.

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Tuesday, 27 November 2018

Wicked! Check out what this woman did to this little boy in Abia state.

A woman has taken to a popular Facebook group to share a shocking picture of a little who's relation is treating him as almost a slave in this modern time. Read what this boy go through everyday in the hands of his wicked aunty.

This shocking revelation was made today at model Primary School, Umudike, Abia State.
It started when this boy came to school with burns and blisters on his face that, upon inquiry, was made by this woman Ochiegbu Blessing from Lokpanta, with a hot spoon.

Further inquiry revealed that this boy walks more than 5 kilometers to school after delivering goods at the lady's shop. He arrives school by 11 am everyday, exhausted.

What he has in his hands is a stale little fufu and a nearly empty plate of soup that is both his breakfast and lunch. This boy has only one school uniform, a spoilt rubber sandals as school uniform. He has only one exercise book he uses to copy all his notes and no textbook what so ever.

After school, he goes to hawk egg roll for this woman with the only school uniform he has. Yet he goes to school with stale Fufu and nearly no soup as breakfast and lunch! He is just in primary 4. This is worse than slavery!

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University girlfriend stab her only son of a parent boyfriend to death.

A final year Biochemistry student of the Ladoke Akintola University of Technology, Ogbomoso, Oyo State, has landed herself at the Iyanganku police station, Ibadan, for allegedly killing her boyfriend.

It was gathered that Miss Olabisi allegedly stabbed Adegun Lekan to death, on Thursday, over a yet to be disclosed matter.

The deceased, who just finished from the Department of Transportation from same institution and waiting for clearance, is said to be the only son of his parents.

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Monday, 26 November 2018

Catholic corp members involved in a road accident in Akwa-Ibom state.

Some Catholic corpers who were on their way from Uyo the Akwa-Ibom state capital to Port-Harcourt were involved in an accident in part of Akwa-Ibom state.

The story was shared by Onanyante Isaiah Ebibo on his Facebook wall. Read him, Fatal accident between Ette & Ekparakwa, Akwa Ibom state. They are Catholic Corpers going to Port Harcourt from Uyo. Appropriate bodies should please help. We have handed the conscious ones to Police and police evacuating others to the hospital.

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Saturday, 24 November 2018

Nephew kidnapped his uncle and still killed him after collecting 1.5 million naria ransom.

A man has allegedly kidnapped his uncle and still went ahead to kill him after collecting a ransom of 5 million naira. Read the incredible story.

A young man from Amala Autonomous community in Ngor-okpala  LGA Imo state named Oluchukwu Opurum masterminded  the kidnapping of his uncle (Father) who happens to also be my uncle.

The young man with his friends kidnapped his uncle on the 16th of October, 2018 at Releif market Owerri Imo state and demanded the sum of ONE HUNDRED MILLION NAIRA(100,000000) from his uncle's only son.

The kidnappers later killed the man and still demanded for FIVE MILLION NAIRA (5,000000) of which a total sum of ONE MILLION FIVE HUNDRED THOUSAND (1,500,000) was paid to them as ransom not knowing they have killed the man.

Innocent persons were accused, arrested and detained for one week and one month respectively.

The Nigerian police Imo state command did their job of professionalism and arrested the kidnappers.

Today, the 22nd of November, 2018 the kidnappers took the Nigerian police, and we the families of the deceasd to see the remains of their victim along Imo state Air port road Umuowa inside a borrow pit where they killed and dumped their victim.

The remains of my uncle Mr Samuel OPURUM was taken to Aladinma mortuary Owerri Imo state.

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Friday, 23 November 2018

Many trapped when a 7 storey building collapsed in GRA area of Port-Harcourt.

A 7 floor building still under construction at Woji road GRA Port Harcourt has collapsed and trapped unknown number of persons inside.

According to PH comedy club which shared the story, he says that they could hear voices calling for help, "So many crying and calling for help, we could hear voices. The Rivers state emergency response team are here though please share let's save them"

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Home driver turns to kidnapper and killed the children.

Driver abducts boss' children, killed two, with the remaining one in intensive care, after the mum pleaded she doesn't have up to the ransom he requested.

The driver who has been their driver for years, last week, he took the kids from school but rather than bring them home, he took them to a bush, calls the mom, turns out to be a kidnapper and asks for a ransom of N3million.

The Mum who doesn't have that sum, pleaded with him to no avail. He resulted to stabbing the kids, killing the boys and the girl who is the elder, is in Intensive Care Unit at the hospital.

▪Abeke Mabawonku
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Thursday, 22 November 2018

Girlfriend kills herself after stabbing boyfriend at Imo state university Owerri.

This incident happened yesterday night at Imo state university, Owerri.
The girl in the picture took her own life after stabbing the boyfriend who may not survive the attack. What could have led to this? Why would a girl take her own life and attempt taking the life of her supposed boy friend?. May God forgive and help the boy while the girl should rest in pieces.

As shared by Godwin Kizito Ezeji
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Wednesday, 21 November 2018

Storm killed 3 persons when their boat capsized on their way to Bonny Island in Rivers state

There was a storm in the Bonny causeway in the Atlantic ocean which led to the capsizing of passengers boats. Several persons died while some rescued.

One of such person who lost his relative in one of the tragic accident is Halliday Kennedy who took to his Facebook wall to mourn his cousin.

In a post he shared he wrote, 'Brethrens i jst don't know how to compose this tragic boat mishap that occurred this morning during the storm at Bonny midstream 3 Victims are dead, which my cousin Mr Fubara Pepple was among. The guy in this video clip. My God let your will be done'
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Man narrates a heart wrenching story of how Nigerians saved his car.

Men don't cry, but I cried!

I sent my car for service in preparation for my trip to Benue since Wednesday. The vehicle was not returned until yesterday evening.

I was very angry that the mechanic delayed my planned trip but was also glad that he brought the car back for me to leave this morning.

So I decided to drive around to be sure the car was in good condition for the trip, this was about 7.30pm...I drove up to the Games Village Traffic Junction and the car stopped. I tried starting it and it won't start, so parked, called the mechanic, who told me he has gone home but will see if he can make it back to me.

So I decided to start the car once more and Bang! The car burst into flames...I ran out of the car in  shock and confusion. The next episode of this mishap is the reason for my narrative.

From the moving traffic, I saw men and boys park their cars and were rushing to my burning car with fire extinguishers, some where struggling to open the bonnet.   

From a building inside games village, I heard women screaming and passing buckets of water, bags of detergents. I saw a guy removed his t-shirt, soaked it in water and was trying to open the bonnet with fire covering his hands.

In all this, I was just standing by a tree, with my eyes staring into space, till I saw the flames go out eventually and I heard someone asked...where is the owner of the car?

It was then and only then that I stepped forward and found myself being hugged and consoled by strangers, Nigerians, Muslims, Christians, traditionalist and may be atheist.

All joined to wish me well and they turned to their cars or homes one after the other. The last being the guy who suffers a deep cut to his leg where he was helping out.

As soon as he left, I turned to see what was left of the car and I counted 13 fire extinguishers that were used, other items that were used and also the charred remains of someone's t-shirt that was used.
Just when tears started forming in my eyes, I noticed I was not still alone, there were two policemen who helped to salvage the burning car and have chosen to remain with me till I get family and friends to come take me away.

At that moment, my belief that a New Nigeria is possible was renewed and  I was  proud to be a Nigerian.

I woke up this morning thinking, where and how did we get so divided and polarised as a nation, when before my own eyes I saw Musa, Obi, Femi, Andrew, Mike all helping to salvage my car, without caring who I was. I thank God for his mercies and for the good people of Nigeria...together we shall overcome.

-True story by John George Itodo
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Tuesday, 20 November 2018

Check out what a husband did to his wife for refusing him sex.

Facebook user Heavenly Caring has taken to her page to share a gory picture of a lady that was brutalized by her husband for refusing him sex.

She wrote, Nigerian men is this the new way?.

Hehehehe this Woman got the beating of her life for refusing her husband his conjugal right.

A useless man commited this wickedness on his wife because she refused him SEX ..

Every man should know Sex is consentual
That you married her doesn't give you the right over her body all the time.

If families should channel same energy they use on women to train their men and build them character wise, most marriage won't be crumbling the way we see them today.

How can a man inflict such injury on his wife just because she deny him sex? A two minute pleasure which he can get cheaply elsewhere. Why such body harm.

I'm really provoked this morning.

She did not state where this happened.
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16 year old girl that sells used condom caught in Enugu.

A 16 year old call girl who allegedly collects used condom of his client and sell it to suspected ritualist have been nabbed in Enugu if the account of Nanle James on Facebook is to be believed.

He wrote, True life story.... it just happened this morning, at Daddy's palace hotel Abakpa Nike Enugu state, my brothers and friends. Please be careful with the girl you sleep with.. a 16  years old girl confess that she has been selling people spam for long. Each condom is two hundred thousand naira, They were using it for ritual.... But today God just bring out her two legs. Everyday for the tive, one day for the owner..... God is so wonderful ooooo..
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Monday, 19 November 2018

Shocking! Japanese company now make human face.

These super-realistic face masks, made by a small company in rural Japan, are in huge demand from domestic tech and entertainment industries to countries as far away as Saudi Arabia.

The 300,000-yen (2,650 US dollars) mask is made of resin and plastic, in an attempt to accurately duplicate an individual's face down to fine wrinkles and skin texture.

The company, based in the western prefecture of Shiga, receives about 100 orders every year from entertainment, automobile, technology and security companies, mainly in Japan.

For example, a Japanese car company ordered a mask of a sleeping face to improve its facial recognition technology to detect if a driver had dozed off, Reuters reported.

Source: CGTN
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Saturday, 17 November 2018

Nigeria military shot dead a Boko Haram terrorist in a gun duel.

Gallant Troops of 222 Battalion Konduga in conjunction with local farmers on patrol along Mushari -Galtimari Road ambushed Boko Haram terrorist who came to steal onions and other food items from farms within the general area.

One of the terrorist was neutralised while others fled leaving behind 2 bicycles and several bags of harvested onions.

As shared by Nigeria military. 
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Student slump and dies a day to his youth service.

It was about 9am today, my executives and I were coming back from the chapel but something attracted us at geology department.

I don’t know the boy , I don’t know his past medical history but I saw a young guy holding a brown envelope indicating he was doing his clearance.

The very few observers at the scene before we got there said he was running along the geology/picture stand road indicating
he was battling with whatever must be wrong with him.

He slumped and hit his neck on the stone at the flower bed of geology dept building.
When we got there the women who sweep the school compound gathered and were praying telling us not to touch him. Initially we thought it was convulsion but I couldn’t tell.

I insisted we took medical action. # Swags ran to medical unit but it was locked . (With
reasons a convocation lecture was on at Igbariam campus). One girl who said was a masters student ran with me to beg a bus passing by inside school to help us take him to the hospital but the man bluntly refused saying he has business to attend to. He was heading towards GSS.

Seeing this we ran to bank road because as usual cars would always be there. The first hilux we saw we blocked the hilux begging
the two men in it. They accepted and carried us to the scene. Saliva was still dripping off this guys mouth which made everyone fink it’s epilepsy.

When we got him into the car laying him at the back with my president Nibo Okezie and one other observer who was there
before then with me at the front sit we took off . The owner of the hilux said his car was not good we were managing it.

Due to ASUU strike everywhere was empty . While on the way I got his phone and
called his dad and mum asking if he had epilepsy and what we should do. We took the receipt  of his envelope to get his name. They said we should leave him he would wake up that it usually happens (If
only the knew how he fell and how this condition was critical )

I checked more in his call log and called his aunty he said someone hit his head in secondary school and since then he has had seizures.

We got to Rex hospital at Uli center and the unseriousness of the place pissed
me off when the doctor just checked and said he died since in school

 I didn’t accept this nor give up koz stethoscope wouldn’t convince me. I ran few distance to the park and got shuttle since the hilux couldn’t go again. Since pple around were loosing hope when I got
back there I had to look more in his log to get contacts of his friends they may possibly know best how to treat him.

Already we left the Rex hospital with Shuttle and headed for our lady’s Ihiala(that was a real hospital to me) I checked his pulse while on the road and though I didn’t feel anything I encouraged my president and the gal behind that
he wasn’t dead (saying my dad was cold when he died)but this boy was still warm.
Before we got to total the gal holding him at the other end tapped me saying he’s becoming cold .

We got to our lady’s and at the emergency the matron checked his finger with another device and said it couldn’t read it.......He was gone.

My Nfcs President and i we’re asked not to leave until his parents came . His lecturers came by saying he is a graduate of 2017 and had rounded up the courses in school preparing to go to Ebonyi state tomorrow where he was posted for NYSC.

It was then some of the contacts I called came to the hospital. They said he had been battling with it since and we should have given him tomatoes?? How would I know ? I don’t even know the boy. We were just passers-by

At about 12noon, his parents came to our Lady’s all the way from Onitsha since I had not told them on phone he was dead yet , she thanked us and we lead her to
emergency unit where the lecturer and the matron nurse disclose the news.

We were then permitted to leave. I.
Udeafor Claudia don’t know this person but I must say this is a horrible experience.
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Friday, 16 November 2018

Lucky girl! Young lady escapes from ritualist den in Delta state.

You won't believe what happened to me today God had saved me from the hands of rituals in Otokutu town I went for ceremony on my way back to Ughelli a boy came to me and say fine girl who you dey find then I said nobody.

Suddenly i can't remember anything again then i saw my self naked and tied up with my pant and bra and heard the boys conversation outside trying to sell me to another  guys for 900,000 thousand naira.

And suddenly i recover my self and i quickly untied my self and i
 escaped from their hand please help me to celebrate God is a wonderful God and please girls be wise boys are not smiling oh make them nor use you  buy veza or Glk o.

As shared by S
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Check out these twins that was kidnapped by unknown person in Zamfara state.

Twitter user @aliyussufiy has taken to his page to share a picture of twin ladies that were kidnapped in Zamfara. He said that  both the state or federal government have not done anything to rescue them.

He wrote, "The kidnappers of these twins from Zamfara promised to kill one of the two orphans today as no one is there to rescue them. The state and federal governments are silent because the girls are not white men from Europe. They are not Leah Sharibu nor Chibok girls to trend on Twitter"

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Thursday, 15 November 2018

19 year old man caught with human parts in Awka, Anambra state.

A teenager was caught with a bottle of blood, severed genitals, and the fingers of a four-year-old boy in Awka.

Sunday Onwebenyi, from Emeziaka, Mgbo, in Ohaukwu Local Government Area of Ebonyi State, was referred to a spiritual house in Awka by one Ms Blessing Eze. There, Sunday was allegedly told to get the body parts of a child for money rituals.

The ritualist was able to get the items but was apprehended before he could hand it over to the spiritual house. He reportedly confessed to abducting and killing a 4-year-old child, in connivance with some other suspects from the said location.

He has since been handed over to the police authorities.
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Check out what SARS did to this lady in Port-Harcourt, Rivers state.

Today is definitely one of my worst days.. I woke up a bit feverish with slight headache so I cancelled my activities for the day, at about 6:30pm I decided to go get drugs,because my condition seemed to be getting serious and also get pizza for my mum just 7mins drive away from my estate.

On getting back to my estate, a blue Prado jeep stopped right in front of me and some armed men on uniform came out asking me to park for a search, I obliged, they went through all the vehicle papers and drivers license etc very much complete.

The next question I was asked was they needed to see my company Id ,I tried to explain to them I didn't have it on me because I just drove out to get pizza from the next bus stop and they said I was under arrest for stealing a vehicle and I couldn't give them an ID of where I work, I obliged and we drove to their station and the whole story changed..

One of the officers made a phone call and he said I was among the criminals they received a call about.. I tried to beg, I even showed proof of the medications I got, they gave me a paper to make a statement,in the process they took my phones from me and started going through my phone, from my chats call logs down to my bank mails etc.

After spending 2hrs with them they demanded for a sum of 2million naira as my bail,for a crime I do not know.. This is pure wickedness and evil... I never stole, robbed, violated any rules etc... We finally came to an agreement after keeping me hostage from 6pm till 12am that I should pay them 100,000naira.. One of the officers even approached me trying to sexually harass me!!

This same men didn't even mind the time they comfortably drove me to an ATM machine so I could make a withdrawal for them... These men are criminals!! I was granted bail by 1:30am after spending 7good hours... Someone's hard earn money This Is totally unacceptable, Are you guys not meant to be protecting lives ? Why will you extort someone of their hard earn sweat!! I thought SARS had ended... (officers names are : officer Matt, Emma, security, Friday )

These are the debits alerts from the money I paid to them as a proof and time. JEven after paying this amount the officer security claimed he was the one who convinced his other men to even accept the 100,000.

This is my second terrible experience with SARS.. I even pleaded I was very sick but they claimed they also had wives to who were sick...

In the same process one of the officer approached me asking me to sleep with him and after that he had the power to tell his men to bail me without me paying one kobo! I cried my eyeballs out, I was running a very high temperature still they wanted money... I had no access to my phone so I couldn't mk a call, my family didn't even know where I was!

Because of how late it was I told them instead of allowing me go out alone in the middle of the night (what if I had met armed robbers on the road on my way to withdraw the money) I demanded for their account number so I could mk a transfer and they bluntly told me that if they give me the account details I could report them through the account number and name given!!

After running around the whole portharcourt I was unable to mk a withdrawal due to some machines temporary unable to dispense cash, so I went to a 24hrs filling station at Rumuodara if they could do a cash back for me I paid in the money via pos and that was how I was given the 100000 to go bail myself out..

They didn't even mind the risk I was in moving alone in the middle of the night ,I know them facially they have been terrorizing portharcourt... I paid them because I was frustrated, I was sexually harassed, I was sick I just needed to go home to rest.. I was in severe pain.. I do not pick my money from the streets. I have never been a criminal.. Please all I need is justice 
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Truck crushed a woman in keke to death while being pursed by council tax officers in Aba.

Revenue agents reported to be working for Aba South Local Area Council, had earlier today stopped a truck driver who refused to stop and was then engaged in a chase by the agents.

According to reports, a pregnant woman and a passenger in the tricycle died on the spot due to collusion with the truck.It was learnt that several other passengers who were injured in the accident are battling for survival in a government hospital after being rejected by a private hospital because of the degree of injury that they sustained.

The revenue agents in a move to escape the wrath of the people  dived into the Waterside River, luck however was said to have ran out on one of them who was apprehended by some of the onlookers that chased after them.

It was gathered that the timely interventionof a police team prevented the irate crowd from setting him ablaze after giving him the beating of his life.
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Monkey snatched a 12 day old baby from her mother and killed him.

A 12 day old baby have died after a monkey snatched him from his mother in India according to BBC.

The mother was said to be breastfeeding him when the monkey entered their house and snatched him from the mother.

After a chase from the locals, the baby was found on top of a roof badly bitten by the the rampaging monkey.

He was rushed to hospital but couldn't not make it as the monkey has left a heavy bit on his body.

The incident happened in the Indian northern city of Agra. Agra is noted for the world famous monument Taj Mahal and have lots of monkeys that harass both tourist and residents alike.
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Wednesday, 14 November 2018

Tragic! 15 year old boy drown in a burrow pit in Imo state.

Tragedy struck yesterday when a 15 year old boy (ame withheld) drowned while playing football at community primary school in Umuguma opposite Owerri West (orie ukwu) headquarters office.

Trouble started when their football fell into the burrow pit situated at  the school premises as he attempts to get it but unfortunately he was not aware that the death trap was over grown with weed and also very deep and filled with water.

Effort to rescue the deceased proved abortive.  It was about twenty minutes later that a man had the courage to dive into the pit and pulled the boy out.

The said burrow pit was dug as a result of the bad state of the road leading to Okuku autonomous community from Umuguma which has disrupted commercial activities as there is no gutter to channel the water especially when it rains.

Source: ugoplutoubah
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Speeding car rammed into a shop at Asaba, Delta state.

A lady has taken to her Facebook wall to share a picture of what would have been a fatal accident if not for the intervention of providence. A speeding car rammed into her shop but luckily for all, nobody was killed. The incident happened at Onwe junction at Asaba, the Delta state capital last Monday

Chinenye Ibe wrote, "With my mouth, will i make known your faithfulness to my Generation oh Lord!  This happened to my shop but God kept me,  his mercies kept me.  Am grateful Oh Lord I can't keep calm any more"
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Man caught while sexually assaulting a little boy in Bayelsa state.

A man in his early 40s have been caught while sexually assaulting a boy of about 4 years in Bayelsa state. He has since been taken to police station.

The story was shared by Prince Uba and this is what he wrote, "This man who is in his early 40s allegedly assaulted this boy sexually. He is currently being detained at Kolo police station in Ogbia LGA Bayelsa State. This boy aged 6 deserves justice. This therefore is a clarion call to Nigerians to ensure poor Lucky gets justice"

Though he did not state how the man lured the little boy but judging from the picture, he probably lured him with some money.
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Tuesday, 13 November 2018

Nigeria army arrest female suicide bomber in Borno state.

Troops of 251 Task Force Battalion Maiduguri arrested a female suicide bomber who attempted to infiltrate Maiduguri to detonate her suicide vest and inflict maximum casualty on innocent Nigerians.

Upon interrogation,she said her name is Shaidatu Adamu,19 years old from Gwoza in Borno State. She was sent on a lone mission. She confessed that she has been in Sambisa Forest for about 3 years.

Consequently, Troops from 47 Explosive Ordinance Device Battalion were invited  to diffuse the explosives. She has been transferred to 7 Military Intelligence Brigade Maiduguri for further investigations.

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