Wednesday, 31 January 2018

Check out these Fulani herdsmen that were arrested in Edo state

About 8 suspected Herdsmen terrorising Igarra-Okpe in Akoko-Edo LGA,Edo State were recently apprehended by Vigilante group

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Woman turn to bouncer after divorce from abusive husband.

Gudafternoon ladies in house, I m Chinwe by name, a single mum of three, I actually left my husband due to domestic violent, it was not easy taken care of 3 kids alone. He used not to send money for the children upkeep.

I told my God that I will not trade my body to feed my kids. Until one day I met a stranger, who ask if I was interested to become a female bouncer n I replied that I wouldn't mind.

The following week, I was called to come n work. And since then til now. People have been calling me for jobs. Now I don't need to depend on anyone to take care of my needs. Thanks FIN sisters.

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Wives on rampage! Woman pours hot oil on husband on suspicion he's cheating.

Killer wives on rampage once more.
This lady in the picture decided to bath the husband with hot steaming oil on mere suspicion of cheating.
God help us.

As shared on Facebook. No idea on where this happened. See the picture of the couple when the going was good.

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Gateman burns his madam to death after stealing her jewellery. Graphic pictures.

A security man has allegedly killed his madam after stealing from her. In a post shared by Curtis on his Facebook wall, he alleged that the man burnt the woman to death. Read him

The evil that men do! This happened in my Oredo LGA

Another Fulani herdsmen strikes in Ugbor road GRA Benin City last night. The Fulani herdsmen gateman killed his employer in company of his Fulani brothers, burnt the woman after robbing her of expensive jewelleries.

He advised, beware of Fulani gatemen. We must see to the end of this matter!

He called on the police to take action, "I call on the Edo State Police Command to ensure that all those who perpetrated this evil act upon this innocent woman are brought to book and justice must prevail"

I am Curtis Eghosa Ugbo and I just want a better Oredo LGA cum Edo State cum Nigeria for the masses of the people'.

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Fulani herdsmen kills 11persons including a headmaster in Tiv community in Nasarawa state.

Fulani herdsmen attacked the Tiv people living in Kadariko in the early hours of today and killed 11.

One of those murdered in the attack is Mr Augustine Yaagee,a headmaster of LGEA Primary school Umalai, Kadariko, Keana Local Govt, Nasarawa State.

The attack which lasted for hours started from 1am. Mr Augustine was shot straight on the head. His remains have been deposited at General Hospital, North Bank Makurdi.

His brother, Hon Matyondo John, claimed the body and conveyed the corpse to the mortuary. He described the attack as evil committed against his family by the herdsmen.

An online user who visited the mortuary said…

‘While I was at the mortuary, my heart was bleeding blood especially when I saw the wife and the two little children crying for their husband and dad respectively that was then been prepared by the mortuary attendant.

My cry is to the world to know that what is been said about herdsmen attack on the Benue nation is not fabrications, the killings are real, and the Federal govt has not done enough to address the situation.

I also want to call for the arrest of the Miyetti Allah leadership by the federal Government to stop this killings.

Since we have refuse to give up our land, we don’t have a choice but to protect our land and our lives, so this is the time to act.

RIP Mr Augustine yaagee and all souls of the departed’.

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Botswana man divorce his wife after having a taste of s*x doll.

A 39-year-old man, Paellas Mohule in Botswana has divorced his legally wedded wife after he tasted a sex doll he recently bought from USA. Mohule, a successful car dealer in Gaborone, Botswana, bought a doll worth $2,600.

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It's official, Kenyans now have two Presidents Uhuru and Raila.

Yesterday at Jomo Kenyatta park, thousands of Kenyans gathered to witness the swearing in of the opposition leader Raila Odinga as the people's president of Kenya. The move which was regarded as treason by the ruling party lead by Uhuru Kenyatta saw police officers using tear gas to disperse the crowd that gathered.

But the opposition was not detered by the  threat as the people's president Raila arrived at the scene and clutching a green bible was sworn in as the the people's president defeying the order from the ruling party.

A quick check on Twitter, shows that the Twitter account of the opposition leader Raila Odinga has change to reflect his new status as the president of Kenya. His Twitter account which has over 1.6 million followers was changed to reflect his new status. Take a look.

Meanwhile, the Twitter account of the current president is still very much active and also say that it is the official account of the president of Kenya.

So Kenyan people now have two president Raila and Uhuru. What a time to be alive.... Africa my Africa.

Just a quick one, last year the supreme court of Kenya in a televised judgement, ordered for another election won by the incumbent Uhuru Kenyatta over some irregularities. The re-run was won again by Uhuru, though the opposition led by Raila boycotted the election citing a not too level playing ground. The incumbent won again and was decleared winner by the electoral commission and sworn in last November.
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Tuesday, 30 January 2018

Nigeria is on the verge of disintegration - Amaechi Mbazulike former aviation minister

The Aviation Minister in the First Republic, Chief Mbazulike Amechi (Dara Akunwafor) has bemoaned the attitude of some Nigeria leaders in handling the affairs of the nation.

Chief Amechi who beared his mind to newsmen during this year’s feast of St. Paul’s Seminary in Ukpor, lamented that the leaders are not doing enough to stem the tide in the current situation in the country.

According to him, “the nation is going backward and a lot of us are not happy over that. The nation is on the verge of disintegrating. The man at the helm of affairs wants to split this country. “He want to destroy the country which people like us laboured so much to build.”

On the establishment of cattle colonies, he described it as a means of Islamizing the nation. “Cattle colonies is a devise to continue the islamization of Usman Danfodio. They want to established a cattle colonies owned, occupied, lived and managed by Muslims of Usman Danfodio descent to continue the spread of Islam.”

Dara Akunwafor citing Borno state as a example noting that the Borno empire  could not be conquered by Usman Danfodio in the early times but now the present government is doing everything within its power to do that, that was why according to him Muslims in Borno are different from other Muslims. He stressed that they are now using Boko Haram and cattle rearers to achieve their aim. 

“It is a gradual attempt to gradually but forcefully spread Islam in the country.” The Elder statesman called a Christians to rise up to the fight. “Christians should be aware of what is happening. They should fight it. Christianity should fight it. These people are violent and are trained in weapons. They have no mercy and conscience in killing people so Christians should fight before it gets bad.

The first aviation minister called on South Eastern governors to brace up to the and do the right thing in salvaging the people. He called on the governors  to play their roles well, to know that they are being elected to represent the people not their pockets. To the entire Igbo nation, Chief Amechi called on them to use their senses well in this fight. 

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Wicked! Military officer slaps a pregnant woman and she fainted. Video

A yet to be identified military officer has slapped a pregnant woman and she fainted. This happened in popular Oshodi part of Lagos state.

In a video shared on his Facebook wall Azeez Olasunkanmi he wrote, Just happened now on Oshodi expressway, this officer just slapped a pregnant woman and she fainted.....kindly share this till it reached ppl that’s going to take swift action on him n make him face the consequences of his actions.

In one of the two videos shared by Azeez, the woman regained consciousness , but not before the officer was totally harnessed by ordinary persons. In the other video the officer was seen discussing with two police officers that have arrived at the scene and the mob still livid.

Watch the video

Why would an officer slap a woman in the first place. It's such a shame that some of these guys on uniform are using it to intimidate ordinary citizens. Let's pray that this get to the appropriate quarters so that disciplinary action will be taken on the errant officer.
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Check out this dangerous looking fish caught in Lagos waters.

According to Twitter user @starBROPE he said that this fish with very sharp teeth was caught somewhere in Lagos.

He wrote, "Just so you know, this was caught somewhere in Ikorodu"

Who knows the name of this fish
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Igbo lady from Imo state who converts to Islam woos her sibllings to join her.

Two Igbo named Chijoke Obi and Chiamaka Obi – have converted to Islam in Imo state.

The duo are said to be the siblings of Aishat Obi, the woman who became an online sensation after converting from Christianity to Islam last year.

The siblings after their conversion – have had their names changed to Rahman Obi and Rashidat Obi.

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Monday, 29 January 2018

See what they did to this man for sleeping with another man's wife.

According to a post shared by Fortune Eshio Chaba on Facebook, he said that the man who's pictures appeared here was betean blue and black for sleeping with another man's wife.

He wrote, They beat him black, red and black for sleeping with another person's wife! Stay away from people's wives!" No words on where this happened. Choi...... he will never get close to people's wife in his life.

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Check out the pictures of world's tallest man and world's shortest woman taken in Egypt.

The world's tallest man, Sultan Kosen from Turkey, and the world's smallest woman, Jyoti Amge from India, were invited to the site of the Pyramids of Giza in Egypt on Friday.

Source -CGTN
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Security guard kills and burns his boss, a retired military officer in Edo state.

Police operatives over the weekend at the Upper Ugbor Rd area of GRA , Benin city, Edo State - arrested a security guard and his gang ,who organized the brutal murder and incineration of his employer, Major Afisatu Ajuya, elder sister to Mrs Usoh, wife of Chief Douglas E Usoh, the Odobaewu of Benin Kingdom.

According to Jefferson Uwoghiren, the gang numbering over nine broke into the apartment of the retired Army Officer in the early hours of yesterday, strangled the officer and set her ablaze before disappearing with her personal items.

Source: Nationalhelm
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Incest! 36 year old man paraded for sleeping with 12 year old niece.

A man identified as Chigozie Osuocha has been arrested by the police for sleeping with her niece in his one room apartment in Lagos.

A man by the name Chigozie Osuocha has been accused of sleeping with his 12 year old niece 5 times in less than a year after she was asked to stay with him. The teenage girl was intercepted by officers of the Rapid Response Squad, somewhere around Mile 2 while she was fleeing from home.

The Rapid Response Squad officers on sighting her with two children, age between 6 and 4 years invited her for questioning. It was during the interrogation that the girl opened up to the officers that her Uncle who brought her to Lagos to continue her education, while she assists his wife domestically had carnal knowledge of her five times.

The suspect, Chigozie Osuocha, of 83, Muibi Street, Olodi – Apapa, was lured to RRS Headquarter in Alausa, Ikeja through his telephone number provided by his 6 – year old boy.

Benita stated that any time her Uncle, Chigozie Osuocha, want to lay with her, he would come home early, lock his three children out of his one room self-contained apartment and sleep with her.

She added that although she was not comfortable with living in his house, stressing that all the things his Uncle promised her parents before living the village and those that he promised her before sleeping with her are yet to be fulfilled.

She further revealed that she had to tell his Uncle’s 6 year old son who asked her what his father did to her each time he locked his three children out of the apartment.

‘I confessed to the boy what was happening. The boy told his mother. His wife confronted me and I confirmed all that her husband had done to me. She threatened to pack out. But they resolved it after he promised it wont happened again.

I have been staying with his three children at home while they go about their businesses. He has refused to enrol me in school since July, 2017’, she explained.

She added,

‘I equally reported all that Uncle did to me to his brother in Lagos. His brother had informed their father in the village about it’.

‘I took his two sons with me while I left the last child at home. They saw me packing my things out of the house, the children asked me where I was going and I told them I was returning to the village. They started crying they were going to follow me. I took them along with me after stealing the N60,000 he said I should give his wife’

‘We got down in Mile 2. I didn’t know those police officers were monitoring me. One of them crossed the express and asked me some questions about the children with me. At a point, I told him I was running away to the village because my Uncle was sleeping with me’

While being interrogated the suspect confirmed the claims of the girl, but blamed his actions on the devil. He also confessed that he only slept with her only five times.

He explained that he sought the girl’s parent permission in the village to bring her to Lagos to continue her education while also assisting his wife with domestic chores.

Chigozie Osuocha stated further that

‘I brought her to Lagos in July 2017. I started sleeping with her in December, 2017, I slept with her three times in December.

My wife got to know of my sleeping with her and she threatened to move out of the house with my three children. I begged her and we resolved the issue.

I came home yesterday and I gave her N60,000 to help me give my wife. It was this money she carried and she wanted to travel with to the village with along with my two boys’, he stated.

Commenting on the development, Police Public Relations Officer, SP Chike Oti confirmed the incident stressing that the girl had been transferred immediately to the Family Support Unit of the Command.
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Mama Ekpere a popular eatery at Enugu razed by fire.

Popular eatery located at Achara Layout, Mama Ekpere was yesterday burnt to the ground. The eatry is so popular even flavour mentioned her in his song "to be a man"

The fire was said to have been ignited by a woman that smokes fish around the area who left her fire uncontrolled and it spreads from there to the joint. The fire burnt down both the woman's eatery and every other office around there.

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Ex-police officer shot dead in a robbery operation in Imo state.

An ex-police officer turned armed robber has been shot dead by members of the Nigerian police force recently in Imo state.

The ex cop gone bad identified as Collins Ezenwa and his gang members where killed after a robbery operation by the men of Imo state police command.

According to report, Collins recently resigned from police force and later became rich after fooling people that he travelled to Malaysia and made his money.

He did his wedding recently. His wedding, according to report was the talk of the town.

His wedding invitation card

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Sunday, 28 January 2018

Another school principal caught having sex with pupils in South African.

It seem this is a season of sex scandals between school principal and their student. First stop, just last week a video of a principal recorded by the principal himself having sex with his pupils emerged from Ghana. It has led to a #stool challenge by most Ghanaian which they have shared on social media. The principal is said to be on the run now

Now a South African principal has tendered his recognition letter after a video of him having sex with his pupil. According to reports, The Gauteng Department of Education has confirmed that the principal of Reiger Park high school in Boksburg has handed in his resignation after videos and pictures of him having sex with pupils in his office emerged on social media. Such a shame.
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Don Wanny brother "Obataosu" shot dead in Edo state. Pictures

Remember Don Wanny the masterminder of Omoku new year killings who was killed recently in Enugu by the combined team of DSS and the military.

Well his brother Oluchi Igwedibia popularly known as Obataosu, who is also into crime and was declared wanted by the Rivers state government has been shot dead by the security operatives in Edo state.

He was killed at Sabo Iyakpe, Etsako West in Edo State on Sunday, January 28, 2018. Obatosu was allegedly involved in the brutal murder of 23 persons in Omoku, Rivers State, on Jan. 1, 2018.

He was the Field Commander of the murderous gang. Igwedibia, after fleeing Omoku town (Rivers) went to Ughelli (Delta) to reside. He then later rented an apartment in Edo State, four days ago (Jan. 24) as part of his plan to avoid arrest.

The DSS later tracked him down to his new hideout and thereafter called the Army for support. Igwedibia hid in his ceiling and later tried to shoot his way out but was shot by operatives.

Source: Nationalhelm
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Ntoor..... you must go 2019, see President Buhari and Obasanjo pictures taken at Ethopia that got the internet buzzing.

So Africa most populous nation's president, Nigerian President Muhammad Buhari and the ex President Olusegun Obasanjo yesterday met at the African Union congress going on in Addis Ababa the Ethopian capital.

Remember that the former president Obasanjo just over the week wrote a letter to President Buhari criticizing his government and asked him not to seek re-election come 2019. The said letter has generated a lot of heat in the country, both from those who are for him and those  against him.

That's by the way, what caught my attention is the picture that is making the rounds on social media where it seem the former president is making faces for the President Buhari. One social commentator caption the photo, "Obasanjo to Buhari at Addis Ababa: Ntoor...You Must Go 2019". I think it's the timing of this picture.

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Pastor hacked to death by suspected Fulani herdsmen in Taraba state.

A firebrand Pastor Joseph Adah who constantly criticise the terrorist Fulani Herdsmen has been murdered by the terror group at Chediya area in Wukari LGA of the state.

According to Hope For Nigeria, Pastor Adah was returning from his regular evangelical visit to villages in Taraba, when he was strangled by herdsmen as he stopped to fix his broken down car.

His body was mutilated by the Herdsmen whom the Buhari’s government have refused to disarm or take action to stop their bloodletting activities across the country.

Pastor Joshua Adah, us a married father of two children aged 8 and 6.

A police spokesman, Joseph Kwaji reportedly told newsmen pastor Adah was strangled where his car broke down along the way.

ASP Kwaji said: “The pastor’s car broke down at Chediya on his return from Kogi. He then phoned his mechanic at Jalingo to help him fix the car. When the mechanic arrived, the two men agreed to hire a vehicle at nearby Dan Anacha.

According to Kwaji, 'the mechanic upon return to the scene could not find the pastor', adding that ‘after a thorough search, his body was found in the area’.

The remains of the deceased pastor has been deposited at a mortuary in Wukari, while a full investigation into his murder has commenced.
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Saturday, 27 January 2018

Check out some gorrillas "murdered" by some hunters in Delta state.

Some group of hunters in Urhuakpa community in Delta state has entered the bush and killed some gorillas according to reports shared by Sapele Oghenek on his Facebook wall.

Is it right for some of these hunters to be killing such animals indiscriminately.
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Check out "expectation form" of Salvation ministries as shared by Kemi Olunloyo

According to popular controversial blogger and former governors daughter Kemi Olunloyo @HNNAfrica who was recently released from Port-Harcourt prisons and now attends a popular church in the city known as Salvation ministries, she said worshippers have to fill in an expectation form which they used to pray in their programme called 5 nights of glory.

In a tweet she sent out to her over 73 thousand followers she shared her own expectation form and wrote, "Worshippers are now praying with their expectation form 2018. John 14:14 "If you ask anything in my name, I will do it." Forms were given on Day One"

See the form.

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Friday, 26 January 2018

Shocking! 2 men turned a lady into a goat in Rukpokwu, Rivers state. Video.

Nigeria is full of drama. We hear one or two incredible and hard to believe stories everyday. Today we hear a story about a lady who was turned into she goat by some suspected ritualist in Rukpokwu area of Port-Harcourt.

According to one of the many versions of the  stories that is making the rounds on social media, there are two people who were involved in the alleged turning of the lady into a goat.

Report has it that when the crowds noticed what happened they quickly apprehended the guys and gave them the bearing of their lives and they confessed that they indeed turned the lady into a goat. One of them allegedly confessed that it's only one of them that have the power to turn back the said goat into the lady.

It took the timely intervention of the police to stop the mob from lynching the men. The police arrested the men and the she goat and took them to Rumuodumaya police station.

Some of the eyewitness have this to say on Facebook, "What happen today@Rukpokwu PH, A man turn a lady into a she-goat bt tank God dt d police has arrested him rite nw him ad d she goat is at police station Rumudumaya PH"

One such person who witnessed the incident and shared the video on his wall is Goodwill Jacob, he did not believe the story. He wrote, "Owk.  Like play like play dem wan kill somebody say I'm  turn person to goat. @ Big treat. Rukpokwu. SAS Road.  But I dnt think itz a human being tho. Itz just a goat. Nigerians and their mentality"

Watch the video.

What do you guys think.
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