Friday, 26 January 2018

Shocking! 2 men turned a lady into a goat in Rukpokwu, Rivers state. Video.

Nigeria is full of drama. We hear one or two incredible and hard to believe stories everyday. Today we hear a story about a lady who was turned into she goat by some suspected ritualist in Rukpokwu area of Port-Harcourt.

According to one of the many versions of the  stories that is making the rounds on social media, there are two people who were involved in the alleged turning of the lady into a goat.

Report has it that when the crowds noticed what happened they quickly apprehended the guys and gave them the bearing of their lives and they confessed that they indeed turned the lady into a goat. One of them allegedly confessed that it's only one of them that have the power to turn back the said goat into the lady.

It took the timely intervention of the police to stop the mob from lynching the men. The police arrested the men and the she goat and took them to Rumuodumaya police station.

Some of the eyewitness have this to say on Facebook, "What happen today@Rukpokwu PH, A man turn a lady into a she-goat bt tank God dt d police has arrested him rite nw him ad d she goat is at police station Rumudumaya PH"

One such person who witnessed the incident and shared the video on his wall is Goodwill Jacob, he did not believe the story. He wrote, "Owk.  Like play like play dem wan kill somebody say I'm  turn person to goat. @ Big treat. Rukpokwu. SAS Road.  But I dnt think itz a human being tho. Itz just a goat. Nigerians and their mentality"

Watch the video.

What do you guys think.

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