Friday, 6 October 2017

Girls in Islamic school get into trouble for doing 'one corner dance' in classroom.

One corner dance is now the rave of the moment in Ghana, some persons tried to replicate it Nigeria but it didn't get much traction like the other West African country where it originates. So far it's been a Ghanaian thing.

In most of the videos i have seen online, the one corner dance usually involves many person who suddenly drops on the floor, knees or holding on a wall and swinging their hips. The one corner challenge as it is termed in Ghana has since gone viral with many doing- both young and old.

Anyway, this one corner dance has put some teenage girls in an Islamic school in trouble. Someone recorded some of them in their classroom doing the dance and later released it on Facebook and it has elicited the wrath of school management.

Thirteen (13) students of the Islamic Senior High School (ISSEC) in Kumasi, are facing the school’s Disciplinary Committee for misconduct.

The students, comprising nine females and four males, appeared in a video that went viral on social media which showed them danced to the popular ‘One Corner’ song in one of their classrooms.


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