Wednesday, 28 February 2018

Thousands of Indians come out to mourn 'snake girl' actress who drown recently in Dubai.

Thousands of mourning fans have lined the streets of Mumbai to pay their respects to Sridevi Kapoor, the celebrated Bollywood actor who drowned in a hotel bathtub in Dubai over the weekend.

Sridevi Kapoor popularly known as Sridevi, was an Indian actress and film producer who starred in many Indian films. She's regarded as Hindi cinema's first "female superstar" Sridevi ranked among the highest-paid actors in the 1980s and 1990s and is considered to be one of the most popular actresses of Indian cinema.

Sridevi died on 24 February 2018 in Dubai. Although it was announced earlier that the cause of death was a cardiac arrest, the forensic report released by police indicated that Sridevi died of accidental drowning in a hotel bathtub. Traces of alcohol were found in her body and water was found in her lungs.
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Check out this horrible accident that happened in Liberia.

Chey God may their souls rest in peace. Just occurred on the Buchanan Monrovia High way, around # 2, a nasty accident. God have mercy.


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Check out what an elephant did to a First bank branch at Yaba.

Saw this online, can anybody confirm this story

Breaking news!!! The elephant you see in this picture came out of nowhere and stole all the money from first bank branch in Yaba, someone pls call 911.

As shared by @mexioni
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Tuesday, 27 February 2018

400 level student of Unilorin declared missing.

A 400 level student of University of Ilorin Abdullahi Mudathir has been declared missing by his friend. Twitter user and a friend to the missing guy Jimoh Idris @frabjous_id has taken to his wall to announce it.

He wrote, "This is my friend, his name is Abdullahi Mudathir, a 400L computer science student, Unilorin. He's been declared missing since Monday.

Please if you have any information regarding his whereabouts or you've seen him, kindly contact these numbers; 08139380186, 08036787069.
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Yahoo yahoo big boy used his elder sister's son for rituals in Lagos.

A Yahoo Yahoo man populary known as Money Talks has been caught while trying to use his nephew for rituals purpose. In a post shared by Odueko Olumide John on his Facebook wall he said that the boy he want to use for the dirty game is his elder sisters son.

Read him, What a wicked world. Luck ran out of another Yahoo big boy named Tunde Owolabi ( aka Money Talks) caught using his elder sister's 7-year-old son for money rituals in Ikoyi, Lagos State.

No words if the boy is dead but from the picture he doesn't look alive.

Shame on him
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See what fulani herdsmen did to a farmer in Ebonyi State.

A farmer has been butchered by Fulani herdsmen at Akaeze in Ivo Local Government Area of Ebonyi State according to Igbere T.V.

It was gathered that trouble started when the farmer asked the Fulani herdsmen not to pass through his farm with their cows but herdsmen insisted and attacked the man with cutlass.

It was learnt that the community is not far from the Governor's Uburu hometown in Ebonyi South.

Source: Igbere TV
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Love or visa? See the white woman local vigilante chairman married in Delta state.

Vigilante chairman Benin road in Sapele has married his dream oyibo wife. Paul Esusu recently got married in a traditional way. This has no doubt set tongues wagging. Do you think it's love or visa

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Two men fell off from an airplane in Ecuador.

Two men who were believed to have been stowaways on a US-bound flight have died after falling from the aircraft. The pair, who were 25 and 30 years old, were on a flight bound for New York from Guayaquil in Ecuador.

The pair, who El Comercio newspaper said were 25 and 30 years old, were on a flight bound for New York from Guayaquil in Ecuador.

The Jose Joaquin de Olmedo airport in the coastal city had to be closed for 90 minutes while the two bodies were removed from the runway.

Police did not reveal the nationality or identities of the two individuals but El Comercio said it is believed they were Peruvian.
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Husband send wife packing in the dead of the night for not having a male child.

A woman and her child has been send packing in the dead of the night by her husband for not having a male child. Read her heart wrenching story as shared by Prince Gwamnishu Harrison.

Arrived Lagos State this morning at 2:07am and surprise to see a woman and her 10yr old daughter sleeping in front of a Bank.

I observed them from afar, came closer to avoid waking a mad woman. I woke them up and ask to know why they were sleeping in such a place.

she opened up and told me she has been sleeping there for two nights.

 "Trouble started when my husband brought in a new wife because i couldn't have a male child. Last week Saturday at about 1:00am, he woke me and my Daughter (Amara), told us to leave his house in presence of his new wife. I didn't utter any word, no fight, he helped me parked my things out and that of my daughter. My luggage was much so I left some at the Security Post. I had nowhere to go at that godly  hour except traveling back to Imo State but have no transport and even where to stay in Imo State".

Her story touched my inner heart and gave out few Naira for her to transport herself back home. I would have love to see her husband but am not a marriage counselor.

Lagosians, her new home is Anthony Bus-Stop.  Can we lift her burden?

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Monday, 26 February 2018

Wicked! See what a madam did to her house help in Lagos

The hand of a little girl was left to rotten by her madam in Lagos. The girl who was working as a house maid was probably injured by her madam and left untreated. It wasn't until she was sent on an errand that someone noticed her condition and quickly alerted the authority. Read what the person wrote.

Pls Parents b careful on how u give out ur 9 months labour to  daughters of Jezebel in d name of house help/ baby sitter.

This little gal has been living under tortures: hard labour, poor feeding, bullying, etc with one Mrs Anyakaora Tenants side, first floor back @ No 12 Dominic Street, Ijegun after Navy town Lagos state.

D poor girl was was sent on errand yesterday to buy something when a good Samaritan met her in a nearby store with a decayed, maggot feasted fingers & intervened by getting  HUMAN RIGHTS involved in d case.

Her (Mr Anyakaora) Husband is cooling off his head in one of d Lagos state police stations now, as d wife is no where to b found. Mothers, kindly b guided! Pls rebroadcast for d awareness of d Little gal's family.
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Tricycle operators protest incessant harassment by road officials in Jos.

Tricycles operators popularly known as Keke in Jos metropolis has  embarked on a protest today Monday 26th February over incessant harassment by VIO and FRSC, alleging that that they were asked to get a drivers License for N15,000 to N20,000.

Pictures: Matthew Tegha
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Young man shot dead by unknown gunman in Delta state.

A young man identified as Harrison has been killed by unknown gunmen in Obiaruku in Delta state. In post shared by Justice Eyitayor he wrote, This guy called Harrison or ishian was kill in Obiaruku Delta state  last night by unknown men  is a great hustler may ur soul R, I, P  the killer will not have peace.

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Deaf Eritrean twin model breakdown barriers in fashion world.

Meet twin models Heroda and Hermon Berhane who are from Eritrea, and are on a mission to break barriers that stop people with disabilities getting into the fashion industry.

The pair moved to the UK as children with dreams of being models but were repeatedly rejected by agencies because they are deaf.

Now they're rising stars with photo shoots all over the world.

Who say dreams are not valid. Awesome.


Source: BBC
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Ritualist kills a pregnant woman, cut off her breast and plucked her eyes

Some suspected ritualist have have killed a pregnant woman and cut off her breast and plucked out her eyes. In a post shared by Oghenekaro Festus, he said that the incident happened in Warri Delta state.

Read what he wrote.

See what ritualist did to a pregnant woman
They cut off her eyes breast while alive dumped her on the road side to bleed to death as God may have it she still alive and the baby inside her.

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Police shot dead 7 hoodlums in Eastern Cape, South Africa

A group of men meet their death when they attacked police in the township of Ngcobo, Eastern Cape, South Africa.

The hoodlums started shooting at police which ensued in a gun battle and they fleed the scene. The men were then found in Mancoba Church, Nyanga where 7 were killed on the spot while 10 got injured and arrested.

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Young man marries two women in Abia state.

Remember that man that his wedding invitation trended last month all because he want to marry 2 women. You may want to read here.

Well they actually had their white wedding yesterday at their home town of Abiriba in Abia state. See some pictures from the wedding as shared by Nnanna Kalu Joe.

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Shocking! Check out this white tattoo artist who turned himself to black using ink.

A tatoo artist has gone to ink-redible lengths to cover his entire body in black tattoos, including his eyeballs and the inside of his lips.

Eli Ink, a 27-year-old tattoo artist from Brighton, has undergone a 10-year transformation to turn himself into a walking exhibition of his tats.

A tattoo artist from Brighton is trying to permanently turn his entire body black

Mr Ink uses several coats of black colouring to permanently blacken his skin.

He also implanted huge stretchers in his nose and under his bottom lip as part of his  body-modification process.

The artist even went as far as dying his eyes to complete the striking look.

“In my opinion, the only person who will only ever understand my transition properly is me. I don’t attempt to describe it to anyone,” he told the Mail online

Source: Sun
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Teen mum gets 16 years in jail for killing her baby.

Teen mum, Tiona Rodriquez has been jailed after going shopping in Victoria’s Secret with the body of her baby which she had killed stuffed in her handbag.

Tiona who is now 21 smothered her newborn after giving birth in a pal’s bathroom in New York at the age of 17.

She was jailed for 16 years after admitting manslaughter

She then stuffed the body into a bag and brought it along on an outing to browse sexy lingerie.

She was only caught when security guards at the shop noticed a bad smell coming from her bag after suspecting her of shoplifting.

Rodriguez was charged with murder after prosecutors found Facebook messages to a pal in which she callously talked about the tot’s death.
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Check out the way thugs and government officials rush to grab money sprayed by Atiku at Yola airport.

So one time vice president during the time of Olusegun Obasanjo,  Atiku Abubukar was in his home town of Yola in Adamawa state and was at the airport.

That is not really the mean gist, the gist is that some political thugs and some government officials were pictured huddling to grab some cash, reportedly sprayed by now party less one time presidential candidate, Atiku Abubakar at Yola International Airport, Adamawa state.


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Sunday, 25 February 2018

2 kids from the same parents and their friend dies in a disuse car in their neighbourhood in Warri.

3 kids have died after being suffocated in a disuse car that was parked in their neighbourhood in Warri, Delta state. The kids climbed inside the car while playing and locked themselves in. 2 of the girls are from the same parents while the third girl is their friend.

Read what Prince Egbuchere who shared it on his Facebook wall, My hrt is so heavy, this children lost their life in car packed in front of their compound @ Warri Rd by Igbo Rd yesterday,they open the car nd went into the car lock up d car from inside  for hours without nobody knowing nd their parents was searching all over the places unknown to them that the children were Inside d car and they suffocated nd die .two sister and one of deir friend.may their souls rest in peace.

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Man kills 4 of his children and house maid in Onitsha.

Man kills four of his children and their house maid. @Ntueke Street Awada Onitsha.

The video shows him still lying alive and the kids four of them and also the pic shows the maid lying in the bathroom.

What a tragedy.

As shared by Amaka Chukwunyere.

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Check out what Lai Muhammad wore to an event in Spain that got people talking.

So the minister of information is currently in Spain, don't know why he's there but his dressing to an event is making everybody to raise an eyebrow online.

He's seen in a picture currently trending online wearing an agbada and a suit on top. One David Pius wrote, "behold Lie Mohammed in Madrid, the man is so confused, he wore suit on top Agbada. He is as confused as the government he represents"

See pictures.

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Saturday, 24 February 2018

Check out shoes that a governor donated to primary school pupils in Kenya.

In a post shared on Group Kenya Timo Semk alleged that a governor in Kenya donated this over sized shoes to primary school pupils in his domain. He wrote, Machakos Governor Alfred Mutua has donated shoes to primary school pupils.


Shame on the governor.
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Police shot dead 3 robbery suspects in South Africa

Three suspects have been confirmed dead after a shootout with the police on Witkoppen Road opposite Northgate Shopping Centre.

The police chased after the suspects after they allegedly robbed a fish and chip shop on the corner of Oxford Road and West Street, Ferndale at 6.15pm on 21 February.

Three men armed with firearms entered the shop and demanded cash, escaping with R5,500 and cellphones.

Randburg police were notified and responded to the complaint, and upon the arrival, the suspects fled the scene driving a silver BMW and a second unregistered vehicle.

The police chased the suspects until the suspects reached the Honeydew area next to Northgate Shopping Centre where the suspects started to shoot at the police.

The police fired back, shooting all three suspects dead.5

Suspect shot dead after opening fire on police near Northgate Mall.
Photo: Ruzani Mphumbude on Facebook
On the scene, the police recovered two firearms, a pistol and an R5 rifle.

Constable Takalani Matumba, communications officer on standby for Randburg police said, “I am very happy with the outcome, even though three criminals are dead, these officers saved the lives of innocent civilians and other officers.”

According to Matumba, no police officers were injured during the incident.

Captain Balan Muthan, spokesperson for Honeydew Police Station said, “I would like to give praise to the excellent reaction time of all the police members involved.”
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See the shocking state of Cameroonian international airport.

Blogger and social commentator Maybelle Bona has taken to her Facebook to criticize the state of Cameroonian international airport which she described as beautiful.

Read her, Priceless!! Check out some "beautiful" pictures of the Business Class Lounge at the Douala International Airport.

Just look at  the moldy disgusting place they call a business class lounge..I heard many people have filed a complaint with Ethiopian Airlines.

They said they have been complaining to the Airport authorities too....disgraceful indeed. Puto puto country with puto puto Regime.. Cameroon obosoo!!

See pictures.

As shared by Maybelle Boma
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