Sunday, 25 February 2018

2 kids from the same parents and their friend dies in a disuse car in their neighbourhood in Warri.

3 kids have died after being suffocated in a disuse car that was parked in their neighbourhood in Warri, Delta state. The kids climbed inside the car while playing and locked themselves in. 2 of the girls are from the same parents while the third girl is their friend.

Read what Prince Egbuchere who shared it on his Facebook wall, My hrt is so heavy, this children lost their life in car packed in front of their compound @ Warri Rd by Igbo Rd yesterday,they open the car nd went into the car lock up d car from inside  for hours without nobody knowing nd their parents was searching all over the places unknown to them that the children were Inside d car and they suffocated nd die .two sister and one of deir friend.may their souls rest in peace.


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