Friday, 31 August 2018

Man dies in fatal road accident on his way home from his friend father's burial.

Facebook user Umeaku Izuchukwu has taken to his page to mourn his friend who died in a ghastly motor accident on his way going back to base after attending his father's burial.

He wrote, "I invited u to my dads wake keep.. I didn’t knw u gonna end up on ur way to my home town.... I owe u a lot my good friend.. better partner... I would hav asked u to stay bk if I knew is gonna hapn dis way... rest on bro"

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Caption this photo.

Saw this online with this caption, Rare pic of a Mercedes being born in the wild. Is it apt. Lol
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Check out what 'one chance' taxi driver did to this lady in Port-Harcourt, Rivers state.

Pls guys join me and thank God.
HE just saved me from kidnappers/ritualist/one chance or whatever they call themselves

This is my testimony

This morning I went deliver some documents to one of our client companies in Onne Rivers State. Every thing went successfully. I even went to the bank to lay some complaints.

On my way back to the office, I entered this taxi. First of all they charged cheaper than other taxis but I felt it was cos he was looking for passengers so I entered.
Immediately I entered I just felt something was wrong but I couldn't pin it.
It was just the driver and another guy in front.

They drove off immediately I entered Then I looked round, everything looked in the car.the seat was dirty. The car was too rough for a normal taxi. Immediately I knew I had been trapped. I placed my hand on the door.

Then the driver asked me where I was going again I told him but he kept saying different things maybe to confuse me. I kept telling him even the other guy in front was helping me to give him d direction. That was when I noticed they were giving themselves signals.

My hand was still on the door knob. When we got the flyover at at mile one, they diverted and climbed mile one bridge leading to ikwerre road instead of going straight to ABA road. And immediately they increased the speed

I just calmly asked the man
"Oga Why did you pass here?" Then he coldly answered "Because I choose to"

Then I knew I was trapped. We were on a bridge so no one will hear even if I scream.
We were on full speed. I had to make a choice. Either I jumped out of this car or I beg this people to let me go.

I knew begging them to let me go will be fruitless so I held my bag tightly .... And did the needful without thinking twice. And I jumped off. I'd rather die that way than to die in the hands of those beasts

As shared by @ExtellD

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Thursday, 30 August 2018

Petrol tanker falls, burst into fire and destroys properties in Port-Harcourt, Rivers state.

A petrol laden tanker has fallen along GU Ake road in Eliozu Port-Harcourt destroying properties with the vicinity.

In a video shared by Elochukwu Obegolu he wrote, "Fire outbreak this morning as a result of fallen petrol tanker along Eliozu-Airforce road in Portharcourt"

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South Africans loot shops they claimed sell fake products. Pictures

Black people in some parts of Soweto looting Somalian/Pakistani shops in the townships of the very same products they say are unhealthy and fake.

As shared by Death penalty in SA
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Family wahala, husband destroys wife's petty business in a family brawl.

A husband has taken his battering attitude outside of the house as he beat his wife and destroyed his petty business on the street. According to Austine Bebara Abaye who shared the story on his Facebook wall he said that the incident happened in Bayelsa state.

Read him, Wife Priscilla from Delta State, Okpe LGA with ,5 children , married to Paul Odigbo from Edo state a welder residing in Azikoro village Goodnews street beat up his wife and destroy her goods worth over 50,000 earlier today because of misunderstanding between them.

People around helped to separate the scene.  Their daughter Blessing explains that her father always beat up her mum frequently.

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Family of 5 killed in an early morning attack in Plateau state.

Four family members have been killed by unknown gunmen in Plateau state. He is a Pastor of Church of Christ in Nation (COCIN) LCC Abonong, Foron in Barkin Ladi LGC of Plateau State.

Rev Adamu Gyang Wurim, alongside his wife and three children were killed by unknown gunmen in a pre-dawn attack.

The victims were said to been burnt alive by the unknown gunmen. Mr. Isaac Choji who witnessed the incident said the gunmen came in good number, they surrounded the house and set it ablaze and the gunmen waited to ensure no one came out of the burning houses.

A female neighbor to the attacked house was also shot by the attackers when she mistakenly ran into the attackers.
It was learnt that the pastor and members of his family have been buried in one grave by the church and relations of the victims.

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See what residents did to this man who uses knife to rob residents of Sapele.

A man who specialises in using knife to terrorize residents of Sapele at Teudor junction has been caught and given the beating of his life.

Luck ran out for the yet to be identified man who was know to have snatched handbags, mobile phones and other valuables as residents caught him and beat the living daylights out of him.

He was later handed over to the police for further investigation.

See pictures as shared by Sapele Oghenek

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Wednesday, 29 August 2018

Mentally unstable woman gives birth on the street of Asaba.

A mentally challenged woman has given to a baby on the street of Asaba the Delta state capital. In a post shared on Facebook by Asa Udeze, she said that the woman had no ante natal care yet she delivered successfully without any aid.

Read her, Mad Woman gives Birth to a healthy baby in Asaba. She ate from the Dustbin during her pregnancy, No antenatal care,survived in an unbearable condition, gave birth with no medical assistance.... But yet the baby comes out healthy, strong and fine. God will never share his glory with anyone.

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Tuesday, 28 August 2018

Lucky escape! Man survives a horrible road accident in Effurun Warri, Delta state.

Facebook user Freeborn Eghagha has taken to his Facebook wall to share a story of a man who survived an vehicle accident that judging from the wreckages on the scene  nobody would have believed someone survived.

Read the incredible account. A young man of about 30 years, survived this ghastly and terrifying motor accident on NPA expressway in Effurun today Tuesday, 28th August 2018.

The vehicle splitted into two halves from the police the force of collusion with the palm tree with the young man in the front side neatly strapped on the drivers seat.

He walked out miraculously without any assistance to the Navy hospital adjacent to the point of the accident.

The pictures

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Nigerian man dies while trying to evade arrest by Malaysian police.

A yet to be identified young man has died while trying to evade arrest after a raid on blacks by the Malaysian police.

In a video shared on Facebook by Chibuzor David Young, some group of Nigeria men were seen gathered in a cordoned off area yelling at the police and accusing them of killing their brother.

The video showed the deceased lying in a drainage covered with "newspapers" as alleged by the boys.

Young wrote, Inhumanity to blacks...wicked Malaysia police kill him

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Man rides a shark he caught in the waters of Bayelsa state.

Facebook user Aonimite Daniel Okonyo Numoipre has shared pictures of a small shark he caught in the Atlantic Ocean of Okpoama, in Brass local government area of Bayelsa State.

He wrote: “This shark was caught with a hook in the ocean at Okpoama Brass today”


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Teenagers stab a man on the neck for owing them in Kano

A man identified as Alhaji Auwalu Awaisu, has been rushed to the Aminu Kano Teaching Hospital, after two teenagers stabbed him in the throat in Dorayi, Kano.

According to reports, the act was committed by his debtor, one Aminu Manga, with the help of his friend. Auwalu was said to have loaned Aminu some amount of money and collected some documents as collateral.

However, on the day of the incident, Aminu allegedly called the victim that he was ready to repay the loan and they agreed to meet at Auwalu’s house, but on getting there, Aminu stabbed him and fled with his car.

It was Auwalu’s cry for help that attracted neighbors who, immediately, rushed him to the hospital, after which the suspects were arrested.

Source: Aminu Abdu Bakanoma
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Monday, 27 August 2018

24 year old man commits suicide as a result of constant pressure from his dad to make it.

A young dude of about 24yr (by my calculations) was just found dead in his room this afternoon and he left a note saying...

"Daddy, since you think my mates are doing their parents proud and I'm just eating your food, hope my death brings you jou".

I'm deeply pained

As shared by @GospelJosiah
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See this passenger bus that is hanging at a bridge

How did the driver did this that they didn't fell into the river. Learnt the accident happened along Okene-Abuja road.
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Check out this killer cultist caught in Imo state.

An undergraduate and cult member, Chijioke Ogbonna, also known as Ogbotiti who was arrested by operatives of the Federal Special Anti-Robbery Squad in Imo State, has confessed to killing three people since he was initiated into the Black Axe confraternity in 2014.

The 23-year-old undergraduate of the Federal Polytechnic, Nekede, who is an indigene of Umuejije, Isialangwa South Local Government Area of Abia State, said his resolve to seek revenge led him into killing three persons, one of whom was a member of a rival cult group.

The suspect whose main weapon was a locally-made gun, was described as a deadly cultist and armed robber by the Police Public Relations Officer in Imo State, Andrew Enwerem. According to the police spokesperson, the police had been on the trail of the suspect since 2014 for his alleged roles in other criminal activities, and he was nabbed by F-SARS operatives on August 19 at Ama-Hausa in the Owerri Municipal area of the state capital.

It was further gathered that the suspect jumped two-storey building while receiving treatment in a private hospital for multiples bullets injuries, upon learning that the police was on his trail.

“The suspect, a strong member of Black Axe, confessed to the crimes. He mentioned their gang members, nicknamed as Efizy, Ikalika,Shinshi, Bulldog, Baggy, Sky, now in Owerri Prison and X-money killed in an operation.

“He also confessed that they were the gang that killed one Michael, a student of Nekede Polytechnic, in 2015. In the same year, they killed one Mgbele on Douglas Road in Owerri and one Ifeanyi, a student of Nekede Polytechnic, in 2015.

“He confessed that they had killed so many people and had been on the run when he learnt he was being hunted by F-SARS operatives. Also, last year in Owerri, upon information that he was being trailed by the police, he jumped down from a two-storey building while receiving treatment in a private hospital for multiples bullets injuries” the police spokesperson told Punch’s correspondent.
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16 year old girl accused of kidnapping regains freedom after a year in Port-Harcourt prison.

A teen girl who was arrested when he was 16 and remanded in Port-Harcourt prison have regained her freedom after the intervention of Majid. She's been there since 2017.

In a post he shared on Twitter he wrote,

"Aged 16, arrested on the alleged offence of kidnapping and kept at the remand home since 26th September 2017 without being charged to a High Court. I took up the matter and all thanks to God Miss Miracle finally regains her freedom and re-unites with her family"

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Soldiers, police gunned down during a kidnap attempt in Port-Harcourt.

Some security operatives were killed by unknown gunmen on Monday, 20th of August, while trying to kidnap expatriates in Rivers state.

At least two soldiers, two police officers and a civilian, were gunned down by the hoodlums in a failed attempt to kidnap expatriates at Sterling oil exploration site at Ogbemakoku/Iyak in Abua-Odual Local Government Area of Rivers state.

The corpses of the slain men were left laying on the road before the arrival of the police who evacuated them.

The police revealed it has launched a manhunt for the hoodlums responsible for the attack. 
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Sunday, 26 August 2018

This guy snatched a phone and posts his pictures on the persons whatsapp story.

So a man allegedly stole someone's phone and was busy posting his pictures on the persons whatsapp story.

This incredible story was shared on Twitter by @i_viiy. Read her, "This man stole my mom’s phone and has been uploading his pictures on WhatsApp story. Whose mcm oo.

He should at least delete the WhatsApp and reinstall it with his number, but no. Olodo"

See what he posted.
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Police sent out a male cross dresser at a church service in Uganda.

Police in Lusaka has ejected a male cross dresser from the Anglican Cathedral of Holy Cross for posing as a woman during the 10th memorial service of president Levy Mwanawasa.

The man known as Miyanda has been a member of the MMD praise choir since the days of the late president and easily passes for a woman given his feminine dress style and mannerism.
Police presence was heavy at the Cathedral of the Child Jesus where President Edgar Lungu the Zambisn president was in attendance.

Miyanda arrived in a neatly tailored yellowish African flair dress with blue patterns in it and a matching blue purse and chitambala.

His facial makeup consisting of lip stick and foundation, high heels and a classy blue purse sealed his appearance as a woman attracting admiration from male onlookers, but that would not be for long.

When one male police officer saw a potential lover in Miyanda and decided to confide in a colleague, he was shocked to be told by a female MMD cadre who had overhead the conversation that his "crush" was in fact a man.

Too shocked to believe, police officers then followed the man to the church and fished him out.

After a body search, police officers confirmed that Miyanda has a male organ, they ordered that he leaves the premises of the church where President Edgar Lungu was also in attendance.

Police confiscated his dress and let him leave the premisses in a body hugging bum short and body top.

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Saturday, 25 August 2018

3 cultist arrested for killing 105 year old traditional ruler in Enugu state.

A young man has been arrested along with his accomplice by men of the Enugu state police command in connection with the killing of a traditional ruler in Enugu state.

The suspects who are members of the dreaded Black Axe confraternity, were arrested in connection with the killing of a 105-year-old traditional ruler, Chief Eze Nwah-Onuh, in Igboeze North Local Government Area of the state.

The monarch, Nwa-Onu of Ekposhi Umuidoko village in Ogurute community was allegedly strangled on August 9.

The command’s spokesman, SP Ebere Amaraizu, gave the names of the suspects as: Onyeka Abugu, 22; Ogbonna Eze, 22 and Nnamdi Eze, 19 and said they were already helping the command in its investigation.

The spokesman said the body of the deceased had been deposited in a hospital mortuary.

It was said that on that fateful day the cultists conspired and strangled the deceased over a yet-to-be established issue or issues and escaped.

In a trending video, one of the nabbed suspects confessed that they killed the traditional ruler in order to increase their ranks (Kpowai) and to be well recognised in the cult group. But the villagers think there is more to the story.

They are currently in police custody helping with investigation.
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Car crashes into block of shops in Amawbia, Anambra state.

A very serious accident occurred last night (Thursday, August 23, 2018) at Amawbia axis of Awka/Onitsha old Road, directly opposite Sumec Filling Station, Amawbia.

The one vehicle accident occurred when a Toyota Venza Car, traveling on high speed lost control and crashed into a block of lock-up stores, where the people from the neighbourhood fetch water from a commercial borehole.

An eyewitness told the reporter that the driver was rescued from the wrecked car and taken to a nearby hospital.

Further inquiry showed that there was no fatality, only the wrecked car collapsed lock- up stores were affected.

Source: ABS news
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Friday, 24 August 2018

Family declares son who was on his way to youth service last month missing.

Facebook user, Ikechukwu Akunne has taken to his page to declare his friend who was on his way to the compulsory youth service in Osun state.

Dear Lord my God, anywhere my brother "Chima Igwe aka Landlord" is, may your shield and shelter cover him.

Nobody has heard from him since 24th July 2018 after he left his family house to go and serve his father's Land (NYSC). He spoke with me 2 days before our camping and was supposed to report to Osun State Camp but information said that he wasn't there.

He is a graduate of Higher National Diploma, Federal Polytechnic, Oko. He studied Agricultural Engineering and also a Student of Chinese Department Federal Polytechnic, Oko. He hails from Awka-Etiti in Idemili South L. G. A of Anambra State.

Please if you see anybody like him, don't hesitate to call my number (08136535168).
The family are really missing him, his mom and siblings have been doing everything humanly possible to hear his voice..
He is giving everybody sleepless nights.

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Hilarious video! Woman disguises as a pregnant woman to get her PVC

So Grace Ehi Isabella who had gone to get her PVC but couldn't, devised a means to get it and it worked. She disguised as a pregnant woman and voila she got the PVC.

Read her, I’ve been to the INEC PVC center for the past 4 days and I wasn’t attended to, truth is it is not just me but millions of Nigerians go through the same.

I had to disguise as a pregnant woman and in less than 10hours I got my PVC. Which way #naija ???
Ensure you do anything you can to get your PVC and vote in the right candidate in the year 2019

The video

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