Thursday, 30 November 2017

Shocking! Woman undergoes 50 sugeries to look like Angelina Jolie.

They said she had over 50 surgeries to look like her favourite idol and Hollywood superstar Angelina Jolie. I think she looks like a monster. How in the world will someone spend some staggering amount of money to look like their favourite stars. I think it's a form of mental sickness and those that have such feeling should

seek help. Everybody is beautiful and unique the way they are.
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Grace to grass, see how people honour ex Zimbabwe first lady Gucci Grace.

Before the former first lady of Zimbabwe fall from grace to grass, she was the most powerful woman in the country. Gucci Grace as she's widely known weilded so much power that she's almost on her way to be the president if not for the quick intervention of the military engineered by Robert Mugabe's sacked vice president Emmerson Mnangagwa.

The ambitious first lady who they said start having an affair with Robert Mugabe when his late wife was down with terminal cancer was a force to reckon with when her husband hold sway. She so powerful that ministers and those in government get on their knees when talking to her at public functions.

Take a look.

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Irate mob caught suspected kidnapper and burnt him to death in Calabar.

A suspected kidnapper has lost his life in Calabar, the Cross Rivers state capital when irate mob caught him attempting to kidnapp a woman who took her children to school.

They were actually 3 in numbers but 2 were rescued by the police and one was caught and giving the beating of his life and set on fire by the crowd that gathered before police arrived.

Read the report that was shared by Glory Anso. This is the end of life for a man who slept last night, woke up this morning hoping to feel thankful for mission accomplished unfortunately, he missed his target in the process of kidnapping four kids and mother for ransom on their way to school this morning 8am,two of them were arrested and this particular one was  bitten and stone to death later was burnt to ashes.
What a disgrace, life show @T.T.C Road Ikot Ansa Calabar.

Picture. Very graphic.

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Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Turkey thieves caught and given the beating of their lives in Anambra state.

A popular saying has it that everyday is for the thief and one day for the owner of the house.

According to report, the 2 men pictured below have been stealing turkeys from a farmer who 'breeds' turkey.
Unfortunately for them, they came to his house in Nnobi, Anambra state today and stole some of his turkeys.

He followed them to Ehulu market where they were trying to sell them. They were caught and flogged mercilessly.

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A man and his family burnt to death in a fatal road accident in Port-Harcourt.

A man and his family has burnt to death in Port-Harcourt when they had an accident and their car caught fire.

According to Francis Ucheanwu who shared the shocking story and pictures on his Facebook wall, he said that the cause of the accident maybe over speeding.

He wrote, Please drivers always be careful and stop over speeding because it kills, just now a Siena car got accident around Port-Harcourt international airport junction and a man and his family died instantly and were burnt to ashes.

He then advice drivers to be careful, he also wrote, please..... Be careful how u drive, save ur life and ur family life.

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South African police looking for S.A. idol finalist for assaulting this lady.

Idols SA finalist Mthokozisi Ndaba has been accused of allegedly assaulting the woman in the pictures at a "chillas" in Braamfontein last night.

The woman identified as Neo Roxy TseleThi on Facebook page was assaulted by the finalist following a little altercation in a club.

Reports has it the finalists may be undergoing the stress of losing the 2017 Idols South Africa competition, therefore, he was livid over people saying Paxton Fielies deserved to win over him.

He is said to have managed to get away before police got to the scene. A case is currently being opened against him.

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Crazy! 26 year old man dies after taking out grenade pin to take a selfie.

When i read some news report I'll be like WTF are they thinking and this is one of such that good me thinking as such. Metro UK is reporting that a man has died after he posed with a hand grenade then tried to take a selfie with it after taking the pin out.

Alexander ‘Sasha’ Chechik is said to have died instantly when he took the picture to upload on social media.

The 26-year-old was in his car as he took the pictures and sent them to his friends. A picture shows that the pin has clearly been taken out, leading his friends to question what he is doing.

One friend sent him a message that said: ‘Where are you? Are you OK?’ He replied: ‘Depends on what OK is in your understanding?’ After he sent the picture with the pin removed, his friend responded: ‘Listen, don’t do stupid things. Where are you?’

Police believe the man from Labinsk, Krasnodar region, expected the grenade would not explode as long as he didn’t throw it. He had also sent pictures to other friends and police have categorised his death as an accident rather than suicide, according to reports.

Source: Metro U.K.
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Herdsmen kills one and inflicted injuries on others in Adamawa state.

Some herdsmen in Adamawa state has attacked a community, killing some of them and inflicting some serious injuries on others.

Read the report shared by Abdulrahman Njidda Yebbi on his Facebook,
Herdsmen's attack in Dashen-Dirdeu, Jada/Ganye LGAs yesterday was so alarming and abominably criminal.

This is one of the menaces of our society today which if not tackled, could manifest in an uglier way in which no one will calculate the consequences.

Therefore, we need to be vigilant and security conscious. Report suspecting people or movements to the authorities.
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Elderly driver shot dead as armed robbers attacked Diamond bank in Okija.

Arm robbers yesterday attacked Diamond Bank at Okija Ihiala local government of Anambra state.

Though they did not succed in gaining entrance to the bank but they shot sporadically. On their way out they shot a man who is said to be a driver of a private primary school in Okija.

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Odd! Indian police used elephants to demolish squatters in a forest.

Indian police on Monday used elephants and excavators to evict hundreds of people in a protected forest area in northeastern Assam state.

Police commissioner Hiren Nath told AP that their actions were in line with a court order, but people living in the jungle shacks argued that they had legally bought the land before finding that it sat within a protected forestry area.

Source: CGTN
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Woman prayers save plane from air crash. Watch the incredible video.

A woman got in the spirit of the Holy Ghost this morning when she boarded a flight to Jamaica causing the flight to be delayed for 2hrs.

They had to remove her from the plane. Soon after, the Airport authorities realised that  something was gravely wrong with the plane engine & that if they had taken off 2 hours earlier, the plane would definitely have crashed!!!

Thank you Lord! The lives of your children are precious to you & you know when their work on earth is done. God saved all the passengers and crew, because of the obedience of one woman.

As shared by Ann Marie Alman
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Check out these amazing art work done on dirty vehicles.

Amazing Russian illustrator Nikita Golubev turns filthy cars in Moscow into mobile works of art. Some persons are simply incredibly talented. Check out his incredible work.

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Tuesday, 28 November 2017

Zimbabweans planning a "Thank you Grace" party to thank former first lady for removing her husband.

Used to think it's only Nigerians, Kenyans and South Africans that have this wicked sense of humour. Saw this on the popular Camerounian blogger Maybelle Boma wall and I've been laughing my heads off.

Read this incredibly hilarious invitation to thank Grace "Gucci" Mugabe's for removing her husband Robert after 37 years that is trending on facebook. It's just downright witty.

Ouch!! will you be attending the   “Thank You Grace Mugabe” for a New Zimbabwe on Dec 1st 2017??
As posted by Zimbabwe site..Bring your own beer and tons of meet for braai for a Massive all night party to celebrate our First Lady Dr Grace Mugabe for delivering us Zimbabweans from the jaws of Robert Mugabe brutal rule. Without Grace, Mugabe would die in power, there would be no “coup”, there would be no “ice cream” situation that pushed Emmerson Mnangagwa to the edge. We love you Grace, you did what 15 million Zimbabweans failed to do in 37 years - remove Bob

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Physically challenged woman kills her baby after delivery in Ughelli, Delta state.

Read this chilling story of how a physically challenged woman give birth and killed her baby.

Wonders they say will never end, some of these wonders happens beyond human imagination, just like in this case of homicide. A well calculated plans been executed by One Miss Elohoh who is within her late 20s and resides with her mother and siblings at No 1 omohwovo street,Iwhrekpokpo in ughelli North.
Miss Elohoh who is a physically challenged and also a plantain chips seller, murdered her child after delivery today 27th Nov 2017 in her home.

Report has it that she put to bed a handsome boy late in the evening of yesterday in her house without aid or assistance from neighbor’s or midwife. But the cry of the baby attracted the attention of one of the neighbor’s, who call on others on the suppose good news. On arrival they saw that the door was locked and Miss Elohoh refuse to open the door but on persistent one of the siblings opened. The kind hearted neighbor’s did a marathon in getting some of the needed materials likes cloths and food for the baby and mother since she didn't buy any. Jubilation was agog celebrating the arrival of the bouncing baby boy most especially from a physical challenged person not knowing that miss Elohoh has evil intentions for the child.

After the celebration everyone went home leaving Elohoh and one of the siblings since the mom was not around that day hoping to check on her in the morning.  As faithful as the neighbors they came in the morning to see how Elohoh and her baby was doing only to find out that there was no baby anywhere. They asked Elohoh about the child where she claim that the father came late in the night and took the baby away having noticed that the child was not breathing well as claimed by her.

The neighbor’s could not believe the story Elohoh gave and decided to interrogate her, she held on to the same story but one of them suggested that the sibling will give a better story of what actually happened to the child.

And now this is the story as told by him. He said late in the night when everyone was gone, Elohor boiled warm water and forced it on the child to kill him but the child could not take much which ended up burning the entire mouth of the day old child as If that was not enough when the child defied death, she took a rag and tired it around the child nose and mouth which suffocated the child to death. When she noticed that the child was dead she took the corpses and put him on the sack loaded the sack with refuse and plantain pills then gave it to an insane man to throw off early in the morning as refuse.

On hearing this, the whole neighborhood was filled with sadness of this evil act done by this woman. Searched was made to all the refuse dump around and finally the corpse of the child was seen with scares and bruises as confessed by the siblings confirming what he has told them.
As when this report was filled this evil woman has been handed over to security agents at B division of the police force for further investigation and actions also the father of the child is still unknown as she refuse to confess who impregnated her, and also neither the mother or father has shown up.
Again wonders will never end..... Only God will help us

As shared by Simon Ivan Ohwo
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