Thursday, 31 August 2017

Flood ravages parts of Markudi Benue state capital.

This is not any of the cities in Texas affected by the destructive hurricane Harvey, this is Markudi the Benue state capital and it's been flooded after heavy downpour.

As can be seen from this pictures, most of the streets, cars, houses and properties were flooded. I hope this flood is getting the needed attention it deserves.
Say a prayer for them.

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Nigerian man jumped to his death in Italy instead of coming home.

A man who is identified as a Nigerian has falling to his death from a 2 storey building in Italy because he was asked to leave a camp- probably asylum camp.

The video was shared by facebook user Deworld Unity.

My people see what happen dis morning to dis Nigeria guy look at what he did to him self after he was told to live d Camp in italy.

Why will he jump from such a height instead of going home. Sad

Warning: This video is not for the faint hearted.

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Lucky escape, Suya seller caught trying to kill a four year old girl.

The Police in Lagos have arrested a roasted meat (suya) seller, Abdulahi, for allegedly attempting to slaughter a four- year-old girl for Suya.

The suspect, had allegedly abducted the girl at White sand area of Ebute Meta, while she was playing with her mates in an open field.

It was gathered that the suspect had taken the victim to a secluded area where he had attempted to slaughter the girl with a knife.

It was gathered that luck smiled at the little girl as a man who saw the suya seller trying to slaughter the girl raised the alarm, which attracted other people who rescued the girl. It was gathered that the suya seller who resisted the people stabbed one person and bit another.

Commissioner of Police, Mr Fatai Owoseni, who confirmed the incident to newsmen yesterday said that the Good Samaritans succeeded in rescuing the victim from the grip of the suspect.

He said that one of the Good Samaritans in an attempt to disarm the suspect sustained minor injury on his hand. He said: “The suspect was subsequently handed over to the Police at Denton Police Station, Oyingbo. Police investigation revealed that the suspect had abducted the little girl from where she was playing with her friends with the sole intension of slaughtering her. It is a clear case of kidnap and attempted murder.”

However, in a swift reaction, a brother to the suspect who identified himself simply as Ibrahim, at the venue of the parade claimed that the suspect was a sick person.

He alleged that the suspect was mentally unstable but that he was treated and discharged.

Source: Sun newspaper
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Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Check out the deplorable state of a road that leads to oil producing community in Rivers state.

Facebook user Gbenga Florunsho has taken to his page to show the deplorable state of road in a particular community in Rivers state which leads to an oil producing village which is the bedrock of Nigerian economy.

In his words, This is Oyigbo road the next city to Rivers state capital.  With more than twenty oil wells. The city also hosts Afam power plant that supplies electricity to other countries.  With oil flow station in Umuebulu, just across oyigbo express road.

When we will get it right in this country. When will no longer have to talk about bad roads.

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Brutal! See what a dog did to this man when he attempted to rob a house.

A man has taken to popular online news and event sharing website Nairaland to narrate what a dog in his street did to petty thief that came to his street to rob a man.

He said, I'm so so proud of a boerboel that brought down a criminal day before-yesterday in my street -i couldn't believe it-but it truly happened!!! -let me share the picture of the guy that was brought down by this lovely dog is seen below.

The owner of the house drove into his compound and the guy(thief) followed. He came with a knife and something that looks like a gun but fake- to rob him, unluckily for him, the owners dog attacked him.- almost killed.

The guy was brutally bitten.

Who say dog no good

This is dog brutality.
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Shocking! Choir members caught having sex after church services.

Don't know how true this is but am shocked to the bone marrow when i saw it. It was shared online and i want to share with you guys. Happy shocking reading.

Isn’t it funny how we can forgive a dog if they start humping like a bunch of… well animals, but if two humans are doing it in front of a church, it’s not only considered an act of lewdness and indecent exposure, but it also has consequences with the big guy upstairs?

Well, recently, two people, one of whom looks a little like Wayne Brady from.

Have you ever wondered what the members of the church choir do when they’re not rehearsing?

Well, apparently, it involves fornicating in front of the church, like these two did out of Vernon Baptist Church.

Sure, they looked shocked when the photo was taken, but what’d you expect?

If you’re going to do it in public in broad daylight, possibly on a Sunday morning, then you can bet your panties and short that some onlooker will take a photo of your little sexcapade.
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Check out this advert that mocks the president.

Nigerians can be funny lots. They always have a way of making fun of some serious "national" issue. Whenever any issue of national importance happens you're sure of finding Nigerians turning it into hilarious jokes and memes.

Recently the media managers of our dear president announced that the president will be working from home as his office is infested with rodents after the president was absent for over a 100 days on account of his health.

Many Nigerians were not amused when the news filtered in and they took to social media to express their disappointment and it triggered extensive discussions both on the mainstream and social media.

While majority of Nigerians were busy bantering over the appropriateness of their president working from home a smart Nigerian has seen a business in the whole brouhaha.

An ad which was strategically placed on the street and has been trending online reads, They chased the president, don't let them chase you. With a rider, "fumigate now". They have a picture of rat prominently displayed. He added his phone number for those that may want to contact him.

This advert has has generated debated in the polity, while some sees it as ingenious and grabbing the opportunity, others see it as quite hilarious while some are not so amused.

Former presidential spokeman and a renowned media personality Ruben Abati wrote,..... Soon, other business owners would exploit this attention-grabbing marketing line, and thus further ridicule us as a collection of people without values and a much-needed generosity of common sense..."

One writer said that the president totally deserved any knocks he get from the episode. He said, When rulers carry ants-infested tree trunk, they should not complain when visited by lizards, using a popular proverb.

What do you think guys?
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Sallah wahala! Man caught stealing ram and paraded on the street.

This picture was posted on Facebook by Lawal Lukman Tunde and he alleged that this man stole a ram and he was caught and paraded on the street. He said that the incident happened in Iree in Osun state.

Thank God he was not lynched.

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Bullion van filled with cash engulfed in fire in Lagos state.

A bullion van loaded with an unspecified amount went up in flames Tuesday under Ojota bridge, Lagos.

Report said that the van was driving inward toll gate, apparently to disburse the money in some banks when the unexpected happened.

The exact cause of the fire which occurred at about 2.30pm could not be immediately ascertained. An eye witness , Mrs Moji Maitani , said : “ I was driving home when all of a sudden the vehicle directly in front of me veered to another lane. I quickly applied the break to avoid what the motorist attempted to dodge, only to discover that a vehicle was on fire. On further observation, it was discovered to be a bullion van.

Its occupants rushed out and were flagging other motorists to demand for fire extinguisher. But I could not stop , in order not to be trapped in any disaster.”

Some eye witnesses said that the money stalked inside the van was completely burnt as the escorts could not go near the van ,owing to the flames. Others however, said that some cash was evacuated before the van was engulfed by fire.

Managing Director, Lagos State Emergency Management Emergency, LASEMA Mr Tiamiyu Adesina who confirmed the incident, said officials of Lagos State Fire Service arrived the scene to put out the fire

Vanguard newspaper.
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Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Joint taskforce gun down head of dreaded cult group in Ogba/Egbema in Rivers state.

This picture was shared by Oby Ndukwe on her Facebook wall and she said that members of the Joint taxforce gunned down a member of a suspected cult group in Omoku axis of Rivers state.

She wrote, They were gunned down today with their charms tied to their waist and legs. A good job by men of the Joint Task Force in the troubled area of Ogba/Egbema/Ndoni LGA of Rivers State. The most dreaded leader of GREENLANDERS CULT GANG also known as ASAWANA. They said his name is Vincent.

Their charms could not save them this time from the superior fire power of the gallant Nigerian soldiers.

The picture.

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Wicked! See what Nigerian guys in Malaysia did to this guy who broke into their flat.

A Nigerian petty thief was stripped, his hands tied at his back and was given the beating of his life by those he broke into their homes in far away Malaysia.

The man broke into his fellow Nigerians home in Malaysia and was trying to plifer the house when luck ran out for him and he was caught by the occupants of the house who from the conversation are members of the Eiye confratranity group.

The guy also going by the conversation in the video said that he's from Isiala Ngwa local government area of Abia state.

Watch the video.

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Shocking! Police assaults young lady for having tattoo on her body in Rivers state.

Today was a horrible day. I experienced the worst day in my life. Today I was brutalized by police officers.

Chioma Pius

This happened at Emohua axis of Rivers state. At the highway leading to Bayelsa. My crime was that I tattooed my body. In this modern age . A police officer asked me to step down from the taxi I was traveling with from Bayelsa to Port-Harcourt. I asked to know why and he asked again so I got out of the car and then he asked to know who I was and what I did .

I gladly introduced my self, after which i had a big smile on my face and my phone rang but I couldn't answer and then he said I should I identify myself to his superior which i found funny and I was just looking at the guy when he said i should get detained. That I don't have manners and that am a cultist , prostitute,armrobber, there  is no disgusting name this men didn't call me and all this time I was just laughing and telling them am not entering their mobile cell.

They seized my  phone's so I couldn't record them. They searched my purse And when they couldn't find any money they got more angry and said that I don't even have money And am showing myself  And before I know it one of the officers grabbed me by my trousers and pushed me to the van and the other guy slapped me and punched me repeatedly .

I was asking why they are beating me up and their boss used his gun to hit me on my thighs went away came back with cane and was flogging me and calling me names . And pushed me into their cell.

During the struggle i lost my ring and while this was happening they were collecting money from highway drivers and letting them through without searching them . This guys are animals . They touched the wrong one .They will not go unpunished.  They sent away my taxi driver.  Passer by were watching it couldn't do anything .
I will not be humiliated for no reason. This police officers are not here to protect us but only to hurt innocent ones but its enough  what's wrong with one tattooing their body.

As shared by Chioma Pius on Facebook.

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Aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, dangerous animals are now on the prowl

Hurricane Harvey which hit almost all the parts of U.S. state of Texas has left some parts of the streets submerged in floodwater while properties were destroyed. Another bad news is that the hurricane is strengthening again and may hit the state yet again. Double wahala for them.

As a result of the rising flood water and not knowing the difference between their territories and the flooded street, a shark has been seen swimming on the street and also alligator has been seen also. People need to be careful.

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Monday, 28 August 2017

Funny comparison of two francophone countries from airplane.

Saw this on Facebook and it was shared by Maybelle Boma a southern Cameroonian blogger and musician. She said that somebody took this pictures from a plane as it was about to land in Lome the Togolese capital and Douala the economic capital of Cameroun.

Do you are any difference?
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Dangote truck rammed into shops and kill one in Ibadan.

A Dangote truck ran into a garage at Academy market beside Joves filling station Iwo road Ibadan according to Praizeblog. 

It was reported that the incident happened at around 10:00pm yesterday night. One person was reportedly killed and a car and one bus was affected badly as seen in the pictures.
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2 kidnappers shot dead in a cross fire between army and kidnap gang in Sapele

A notorious armed robbery and kidnap gang which terrorizes parts of Sapele in Delta state has been caught through the efforts of the army reports Sapele Oghenek.

The military crack team which has been on the trail of the gang since the kidnap of Mrs Owumi had arrest one Okotie at Ugbeyiyi junction Memories plaza Sapele which lead to the arrest and killing of other gang members.

It will be recalled that the dreaded group killed two army personal in an attempt to rescue Mrs Owumi who they refused to to realease even when the family members had paid some ransom

Okotie was said to have taken the army to teacher's road off Shell road where they arrest another of the gang member identified as David Adogboji. He was said to be in town preparing to kidnap  another person.

According to reports, Okotie confessed to be a member of kidnap gang that kidnapped a woman where two army officers were killed.

The duo lead the military men to their den at Akpalakpa behind Abigborodo community in Warri North Local Government where in the ensuing gun fire, the military killed two of the gang group and some of them escaped while some of them were arrested and taken to an undisclosed hospital where they are being treated for gunshot wounds.

They army have alerted the general public to be on the look out and inform the police if they see any person with gun shot wound.

Pictures: Sapele Oghenek.
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Over 400 Jehovah's witnesses faints at their convention in Angola.

More than 400 Jehovah Witnesses passed out when they inhale a toxic gas at their convention in Angola. The convention has about 7000 persons in attendance according to the Angolan press.

One of the eyewitnesses, Abraham Kituxi said that one of their member fell unconscious and was immediately transferred to the municipal hospital, where he was assisted.

He said that he had earlier told some members that he felt uncomfortable because of the unpleasant smell that was coming from unknown source and it was assumed it would have been from some trash from solid waste trucks that passed near the temple.

It was not until he fell on the ground when he suddenly saw other people who occupied the last seats near, complaining of the same smell, and some of them started fainting. There was a widespread panic among the community that attended the conference.

Those affected complained of chest pains and the nearby people asked for water to drink. The congregation  immediately triggered the police and firemen who sent four ambulances and three policemen who joined the faithful by evacuating patients in private vehicles to the nearest sanitary units, such as the municipal hospital of and the hospital of The Cajueiros.

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Hurricane Harvey, This picture will melt your heart.

It's no longer news that hurricane Harvey that hit parts of Texas weekend killed one person and destroyed properties worth millions of dollars. It's so bad that the Federal emergency said they will stay in Texas for years.

This picture that i saw online really touched me, it shows some seniors in a nursing home and the flood water almost covered them. The place is called LaVita Bella nursing home for  seniors and they were stuck in waist-deep water in Dickinson and they  have been evacuated, officials said Sunday.

Galveston County officials said they made it a top priority to rescue the senior citizens.

Thank God for them and the government that is know how important they're to the society
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Saturday, 26 August 2017

Deputy mayor dies on her way to a wedding ceremony.

A deputy mayor in Cameroun has lost her life in a ghastly motor accident. Suzy Zumafor Tarh who is the deputy mayor of Idenau was said to be on her way to witness a wedding ceremony when the car she was travelling in lost control and ran into the bush.

The accident happened around the West coast in Dibuncha. She was going to officiate over a marriage signing which is part of her routine as the deputy mayor. May her soul rest in peace.

Maybelle Boma
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Check out the floods that ravaged part of an estate in Abuja.

If you think that flood happens only in the coastal part of Nigeria then you got it all wrong. Heavy rains has caused serious flooding at Trademoore Estate Abuja according to a report i saw online.

The person that sent it said she went to visit her sister and when heavy rain started it destroyed so many properties worth millions of naira.

Thank God no life was lost

More pictures

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Stray bullet kills a young boy as Rochas demolish popular Eke Ukwu market in Owerri.

This morning the Imo state government deployed some heavy duty equipment and bulldozers to destroy some part of Douglas road in the heart of Imo state. According to Godwin Kizito Ezeji who posted it on his Facebook page, the demolitions get to the contentious Eke Ukwu market where stray bullets hit a young boy. He didn't give the name of the boy that died from the bullet and where the stray bullet came from. This is indeed sad.

The section of Douglas road that was destroyed by bulldozer early this morning.

Picture credit: Godwin Kizito Ezeji.
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