Monday, 15 October 2018

Police officer shot dead a young lady at police check point in Abuja.

Twitter user @ihekauche has taken to her page to alleged that a police officer has shot dead her friend in Maitama area of Abuja, the federal capital territory.

In a series of tweets that has since gone viral, the lady alleged that her friend was killed at a check point. Read what she wrote,
And that's how the police killed a good friend of mine last night in Abuja @segalink please I thought this killings will stop, she didn't deserve this.

They shot her at a check Point on her way home in Maitama last night. Since it happens over the weekend no word yet till tomorrow. It's just not fair.

Ok I promise to send information as soon as I can tomorrow, I have posted all I have for now. Her name is Anita Akapson, she was killed last night at Maitama Abuja by a policeman at a check point.

Meanwhile so many Nigerians who commented expressed outrage on the news and asked the authorities to do something about the killing.
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Boko Haram terrorists group execute a midwife and held 2 others in northern Nigerian.

Terrorists group Boko Haram have executed one midwife and the other two are still in with them after kidnapping them in northern Nigeria. In a series of tweets sent out by one of the aide worker, he's appealed to the group to release the other 2 being held by the deadly group. She wrote,

This is Hauwa. She’s 24 years old. A midwife working with us in northern Nigeria.

In March, she was kidnapped. Tomorrow, she could be executed.

Hauwa is a daughter, a sister, a friend. A young woman with a future ahead of her.

We are pleading for her life to be spared.

Hauwa was abducted with Saifura, a midwife and Alice, a nurse. All three dedicated their lives to helping others in northern Nigeria. Two weeks ago Saifura was brutally executed. We are appealing for mercy for Hauwa and Alice. Please release them.

As shared by PmaurerICRC
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Saturday, 13 October 2018

Corper drown in a river during a farewell picnic after serving in Bauchi.

Joseph Adebayo, a corps member who went on a picnic to celebrate the end of his service year, got drowned, on Thursday, inside Gubi river in the outskirts of Bauchi.

The deceased, along with two of his colleagues, had boarded a faulty canoe, which capsized. The two others were rescued by villagers, while Adebayo got  drowned.

The corpse of Adebayo, 26, who hails from Ogun state, was recovered on Friday and deposited at the mortuary of Abubakar Tafawa Balewa University Teaching Hospital, Bauchi.
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Friday, 12 October 2018

Check out what a policeman did to this man for refusing to give him 50 naira bribe.

Facebook user Agbo Isaac Great has taken to his wall to share a picture of his brother who was allegedly assaulted by a police officer for not giving him a bribe of 50 naira. He said that the police officer, not identified, hit his brother with a baton. 

He wrote, An ordinary police on illegal -duty- have to hire my brother directly on the face with a batton for not giving him N50 on road block in my village.

Please people should help us salvage this situation. The policeman is Mr. Pius Okwor serving in Ohaukwu division. IGP must hear this.
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Shocking! Vandals steals a man's bathtub after he left home for work.

A South African man got the shocker of his life when he got home and saw that his bathtub has been stolen.

He shared the story on his Facebook wall and wrote, So we got home last night and found that our bathtub had been stolen, a f@cking bathtub

If you see anyone selling a second hand bathtub please let me know.

Why is the world would anyone steal a bathtub?

Check picture.
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Meet these incredible family of 5 that are all mentally challenged.

This happens to be the weirdest situation I've seen in my entire life. I have been trying to get this shot for the past five months and whenever I tried, they either walk past too quickly, change direction, or not just close enough.

At other times I may be on a bike and whenever I ask the cyclist to go slow so I can get a shot of them, he'll be like "Hmmm, Abeg o, I nor fit stop this bike make u snap o, if the madman catch u, your own Don finish!

And that's how it went.

The first time I saw them here in Ogoja, my heart melted, I was livid. And my mind wandered, searching for the closest guess as to why a whole family, husband, wife, and three beautiful children would be plagued with INSANITY.

My heart could not contain the curiosity, then i began to ask questions. Anytime I drove past them in a car or on a bike, I engage the driver or someone in a conversation about them.

I have seen them trekking long distances underthe scorching sun, I've also met them in the market making enquiries about where they could get a particular item to buy.

They're never separated, always found walking together, complete family. But the intriguing part is their communication. Jeez! This "MAD" family speak CORRECT QUEENS ENGLISH. They flow in CLEAN grammar. Na this one dey burst my head.

I've heard the man instructing one of his children who was walking sluggishly behind him as they trekked down the road; "Hey Dorcas, will you hurry up, C'mon girl, meet up with the pace". And I marvelled.

At the market he asked someone for directions and he went; "Hey ma'am, Pls where can I get this and this... "

As you can see their dreadlocks is twisted, showing that it has lasted for God knows how long. This means that this madness nor be today. E Don tay!

A conversation ensued between him and his wife one day and it turned into an argument, people were listening; you'll be so shocked when you hear what the content of their argument was..

As shared by Progress Oberiko
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Lady orders her estate security to beat the living daylights out of a taxi driver.

I met this taxify guy on Monday this week. Amazing guy with very good energy. We had great conversations. He messaged me today to tell me about how a rider ordered her estate security to beat him up. This chat made me so sad.

As shared by @uyai_

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Thursday, 11 October 2018

Man survives a near fatal road accident.

Join me to appreciate  GOD for HIS mercy and love. 

I was onboard this vehicle traveling, when suddenly, one of the front  tyres (drivers'side) exploded,  And immediately the driver lost control, but as God will have mercy on us, the vehicle summersulted once into the bush and then stopped.

We all came out alive with no injuries save one of the passengers, though not so serious.

Who can deliver after this sort?
There's no one like Jehovah!

As shared by Nwenyi James Chibuike
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Man nearly killed by his security guard at his farm.

And so it was at about 5 am on this day at this hour on the  10th of October last year ... I was suddenly awoken by the door of my room opening. this was in the farm bungalow in Ibadan.

Standing inside my room by the door was Jonathan, my guard! I was alarmed and shouted, what do you want ? to which he replied .you  called me. I said get out I didn't call you unknown to me at that time he had a knife in his hand. then he rapidly approached the bed shouting sebi you are going to London tomorrow.

I knew I was in trouble but could not make any sense of it. being not naturally violent,.attack mode did not kick in.
why because Jonathan was my like a brother whom I asked to come to sleep on a mattress in my dining room on the farm after I discovered his guard house was leaking and the floor mat was cold.

We eat the same food made by my cook and used the same plates and cutlery. gave him suya and old clothes just the night before and took him church with me branching at a Buka after church normally. had asked him to bring another friend to join him as he was bored at the weekends.

So you can imagine my thinking. what's going on ? has he gone mad? I had still not seen the knife maybe my eyes would have cleared!

I got up swiftly as he approached  and covered his head with my blanket, pinning his hands beside him then proceeded to push him backwards out of my room along the corridor towards the main living room  . all the while trying to figure out what's wrong , I felt my heart starting to race as I was going into panic, but had the presence of mind to regulate  my breathing so my reasoning would not be impaired .
at this point.

I pushed him through a set of louvre windows. only to reveal the other guard waiting with a machete, I had completely forgotten about him. Jonathan takes the matchet raises it and reveals the knife in the other hand raised to!

I was cornered my brain still looking for answers against attack or even defence... with hindsight, I imagined some bruce lee moves I could have done. but then I sought to connect with him eyeball to eyeball. I looked in his eyes asking and pleading. there was no human being there! only a demon  I now knew I was going to die!

I could see my staff coming in the morning and my dead body found. I could see it!
but something in me rose up and said no not today speaking in tongues since under my breath I began to quote, the scriptures, despite once being a house pastor the only scripture I remembered was "I shall not die but live to declare the glory of the lord in the land of the living ,this constantly being augmented with tounges .

Of course I am trying to make light of the situation now but I was terrified, petrified and even remember begging that my children were waiting for me in two days. with his arms,  raised still, cornered I knew there nothing else to do. strangely I was more worried about the knife than the Matchette. even my tongues had ceased!
so I mustered up my faith and said HOLY SPIRIT PLS TAKE OVER.

THAT was the last sentence before he brought down the machete, I saw stars and launched forward pushing him back as I made an escape for the front door,. I was out !running and screaming but no sound, well I thought I was running only for police to find my bloody hand stains along the vehicle as I tried to support my self,
anyway, I like the running version like the films. so I turned a corner and down I went, face first, later realising my left side was paralysed. I remember being aware of a bamboo stake beside me which I wanted to grab and swing towards my pursuers. but alas I could not move! I tried so hard my brain, what was left of it still frantically thinking in crises mode of what to do and why I could not move.

then I DIED... what I didn't know then was what seemed like five minutes to me before I woke up, apparently was an hour. with rain pouring into my now open skull, brain exposed on the sandy ground.

I didn't know when the pursers went over me or why they did not finish me off. it was later revealed to me that an angel of God took over the area. covered my head with his wings and somehow made these guys just walk by me! these are people who knew I could identify them!

Anyway, I am still dead, and sorry guys I didn't see any lights and tunnels of vision of heaven... for those of you who like jist!

I just recall getting up and running! even Lazarus didn't run! I ran for the gate and reached my neighbour's gate my dearest pastor and truest friend pastor Alex who has stood in the gap for me for two decades.
on seeing me and my state the silly gateman won't let me in till he got the pastor to say so. while waiting he went to the security toilet got a bucket, filled it with water and uncountable microbes and proceeded to pour this over this same head!

I DIED again! this time i heard a voice! en enh   abi ! it was my pastor's voice while driving me to UCH! he kept saying . hold on my boy! just hold on! At this point, I said my last prayers, made my peace with God and asked him to take care of my children.
anyway, we got turned back at UCH gate because they were on strike, we made it to new covenant hospital where the young doctor - upon sighting me - locked himself in his office, refusing to come out.

A wonderful brother doctor from our church - The Stone Church - and a most caring nurse also from our church had arrived to take over. They stitched me up as best as they could and infused me with three bags of saline water. True to my controlling nature, I tried to push them off because of the pain, and even suggesting that two bottles of saline was okay!

Then God showed up, and the strike was called off that same morning, and we returned to UCH. The Holy Book says that a man's enemy would be that of his own household. I was beginning to understand. Ti iku ile o ba pani ti ode o le pani ... my scales began to fall. My dearest sister Taiwo had arrived from Lagos, waltzing into the emergency ward like a grand lady but, upon seeing my state subsequently broke down crying and wailing like a baby. I called for the attending trauma surgeon hopefully asking if the CT revealed a mere subdural haematoma.

He looked at me sadly, shook his head and said you have intracranial haematoma with embedded bone fragments, the largest fragment looking like a hook, which worried him. At this point,   overheard another doctor friend asking quietly, if I would make it. The prognosis was bad, even if I made it not as a fully functional human being. I had sustained a TBI and for those in the know, the list of consequences was long my brain recalled  a few my heart sank. Looking around the operation theatre.

I was faced with blue, glossy walls and an ancient, large, circular theatre lights from horror movies. I tried to psychoanalyse the competence of the doctors, even from the manner of clothing and few other indices... body language etc hoping they were "efficos" in medical school. I informed the lead surgeon, that I have a history of sleep apnea and that I may cease breathing periodically and that he shouldn't presume me dead o. then, the scripture came to my heart. "The name of the lord is a strong tower, and those who run into it are safe." I committed the surgeon's hands into Gods care. I looked around one last time and again asked the Holy Spirit to take over. he did for eleven hours!

I heard of unconfirmed reports of bone fragment coming out to the table... When I came to, I didn't hear the host of angels singing the Hallelujah chorus as I expected, but instead, black nurses speaking Yoruba!, then I knew that mercy had triumphed over judgement. The nurses tried to find out if I was coherent and aware of my surroundings.

I stated the date, my name and even the particular unit I was in UCH and proceeded to fight them over a dirty weeing bottle offered to me, which was just used by a patient  next to me whom I remembered from the A & E who was being queried for hepatitis. At that point, I was sure that not only was i alive, i had not lost my stubbornness and desire to control, I must be alive. But the downside was, my left hand was completely paralysed. Otherwise, I was completely functional.

 I was overwhelmed by the number of wellwishers who besieged me in my private room much to the annoyance of the nurses, and the support and love they shared. .  the doctors came to see me and called my recovery REMARKABLE.To cut the long story short, I had my birthday on the 13th in that ward. God raised all kinds of people and help for which i will be eternally grateful.

I must single out the angel with the white beard, Bayo Oguntona, who stood by me daily, volunteered to bring me back to Ireland as I could not get anyone to come for me. the excuse was not being "medically competent". anyway engineer Bayo paid our tickets, put a helmet on my head in the plane, and brought me back to Ireland., he stayed for a week helped me settled emotionally and financially and even fixed my leaking wash basin!

I thought the worst was over, how wrong I was. Upon my arrival, I was presented at the hospital with a O. Y .O simcard so i could have a contact number to give the hospital  so i could be reached directly.

Ladies and Gentlemen, friends and neighbours, i stand here today, completely healed and restored by the grace and mercy of God. I have continued to see powerful works of restoration. My future is assured as the glory of the latter shall surpass the former. I testify that God is real and good, and his mercies endureth forever. He has raised up a standard for me and prepareth a table for me in the mist of my enemies. With our own eyes, shall we behold, the reward of the wicked  Come thank the Lord with me what the  enemy planned or evil, the Lord has turned around for good. This is a miracle talking. Much love and see ya all soon.   

As shared by Tunde Williams-Funmilayo
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Wednesday, 10 October 2018

Scrap boy electrocuted after mistaking a live electricity wire for aluminium scrap.

An unidentified young man has met he untimely death when he mistook a live electricity cable for scrap aluminium. According to Sapele Oghenek who shared their story on their Facebook wall, they reported that the incident happened at Yoruba street in Sapele, Delta state.

The Hausa community which was know to carry out such menial jobs said that they don't know the man. Meanwhile, the police have taken the corpse to a morgue waiting for his relatives to come for identification.

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Tuesday, 9 October 2018

Man allegedly raped and used his 18 year old daughter for money ritual.

The man you see in the pictures is Mr Rufus  Kehinde Daramola of Awo Ekiti in Irepodun/Irepodun local government, with his wife Mrs Esther Ojuolape Daramola who is my aunt and their first daughter Taiwo whose Kehinde died at birth.

The man left my aunt with a rich lady when my aunt was pregnant with the twins and returned after several years to apologise and my aunt took him in, they legalised their marriage and had two more children and they both lived inside the 4 bedroom flat my aunt built while the man fled with another lady.

The man tried forcing his daughter Taiwo whose name on Facebook is Daramola Haryomikun Timisire to bed thrice chasing her around the house without succeeding and will still tell her not to tell her mum. She never mentioned it until it was time for her to die.

Her sickness started in January when she suddenly collapsed in the kitchen and she was rushed to the hospital where they told them she needed blood that her blood has drained. It was so surprising that how can that happen when she never felt sick, since then till yesterday when she finally gave up the ghost.

They have been taking her from one hospital to another and giving her blood since her blood was always drained, they spent over a month in Teaching hospital Ibadan and the husband did not check on them, he was flirting around with ladies.

While taking her to different churches, all they were saying was that the father has used her already for money ritual, and my aunt said he has always been desperate to get rich and when they confronted him, he said "if she wants to die, let her die",

They reported him to some traditional rulers and they summoned him but he never showed up, rather he took to his heels. The girl finally died yesterday and was buried and yet he refused to show up.

Taiwo was 18years and has a striking resemblance with her father who has no known job, it's my aunt who gave him money several times to start a business but spent the money lavishly, my aunt also bought him a vehicle to use for commercial purposes and he sold it. He has tried raping at least 3 of his wife's younger sisters and also broke in while the wife was with their daughter at the hospital.

Please, help share this post to locate him because he's on the run. God bless you all and may you all never cry over your children.

As shared by Omolayo Sussan Omowumi
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One killed in a renewed cult clash in Yenagoa, Bayelsa state.

A young man has been killed in a renewed cult clash which took place on Monday in Yenagoa, Bayelsa state. Nationalhelm gathered that two rival cult groups attacked each other with various weapons in broad daylight at Air force junction by slaughter road in the state capital.

One person was brutally killed in the fight after he was shot at close range.

The corpse of the young man was left on the road for hours even as people gathered before it was later evacuated.

This clash is coming days after the police Command in Bayelsa said it had restored normalcy to Brass Island, following  violence which erupted in the area, from a clash between two cult groups.

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20 year old model raped and stabbed to death in Akure, Ondo state.

The future of Ajila Seun Fionna has been cut short, she was raped and stabbed to death in Akure. Until her death, she was a model and an usher.

We must all lend our voice because this can happen to any of us even your Mother or Sister!

We are asking for #JusticeForAjilaSeun

As shared by @is_,salsu
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Monday, 8 October 2018

Student lost all her document after a fire incident in Awka, Anambra state.

A lady has taken to a popular group to warn people to switch off their appliances after she lost all her documents to a fire incident in Awka, Anambra state. This is what she wrote.

Below is the remnant of the room i live in, in one of the hostel at Awka. I left the room intact in August when last session ended, only to be informed yesterday evening by the Reverend Sisters managing the hostel that everything I have acquired from 100L till date has burnt down.

I mean everything including my documents and receipts of all the dues i have paid through out my stay in Nnamdi Azikiwe University Awka.

According to the Sisters, they don't know what actually caused the fire outbreak but they are suspecting it might be electrical because one of the switch in the apartment ,which I have never made use of was on.

On the other hand, had it been i was in that apartment when the fire broke out i don't think i would have survived,so I'm grateful to God for my life in as much as I'm totally devastated.                                                      
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Sunday, 7 October 2018

Slay nanny stabbed her madam to death while she was sleeping at Abuja.

Instagram user @rubygalore has taken to her page to alleged that a woman has been stabbed to death by her nanny while she was asleep and made away with her valuables. The incident happened in Asokoro area of Abuja.

In a post on her page she wrote,  share and repost,
This wicked soul murdered my friend midnight while she was sleeping, stabbed her to death and ran away with valuables, she’s been working as a nanny to my friend for the past 5 months ....please anyone with a vital information should call this number 08159467474 or DM ...Thanks everyone

The lady that was stabbed to death.
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