Friday, 9 February 2018

Amazing! Kenyan doctors reattach a hand that was cut off from a teen boy.

Doctors at Kenyatta National Hospital and College of Health Sciences, University of Nairobi (UoN) made another historical milestone by successfully re-implanting a limb that had accidentally been severed by a chaff cutter machine.

Mr Joseph Theuri, 17 year old from Kiambaa- Kiambu County, will remain a living testimony and add into the list of successful major surgeries that KNH and College of Health Sciences UoN have performed in the recent past.

On 26th January, 2018 Mr. Theuri was presented by relatives at the KNH Accident & Emergency, as a referral from Kiambu Hospital, in severe pain with the hand completely detached from the right arm.
The medical intervention immediately commenced by a multidisciplinary team of fifteen (15) specialists and Mr. Theuri’s hand was re-implanted in a highly delicate surgery that lasted over 7 hours.

Prof. Stanley Khainga and Dr. Ferdinand Nang’ole led the team of specialists including Plastic Surgeons, anesthetists, orthopedic surgeons and Nursing to realize the historical achievement.

“Two teams were constituted with one team preparing the hand and the other team working on the stump. This was very important as we were racing against time” Said Dr. Nang’ole.

Lily Koros Tare, CEO KNH celebrated the team for their precision and expertise that has reclaimed the hand of Mr. Theuri.
“This successful surgery adds into the list of the great milestones that KNH specialists have made to save, transform, reclaim and prolong lives of many Kenyans and patients from East and Central Africa region.” Said the CEO


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