Tuesday, 5 June 2018

5 months old baby rescued after being kidnapped by Chimpazee.

A 5-month-old baby has been rescued after being kidnapped by a group of Chimpanzees in Kyamajaka, Uganda.

Members of the community, on Sunday rescued Rachael Karungi. According to the mother of the little girl, Oliver Kemigisa, who spoke to New Vision, the incident happened a few minutes after 5pm on Sunday when she was preparing dinner at their home. .

Kemigisa said she had left the baby with another baby in the verandah, while she moved a few meters away to cook. She said she heard the babies crying and when she turned around, she saw over 20 chimpanzees surrounding the babies. .

One had already picked Karungi and the others also aiming at the three-year-old boy as he cried. She said that she wrestled with the chimpanzees for the boy as she raised an alarm.

She managed to save the boy, but the primates ran away with Karungi. “When I saw that they (chimpanzees) wanted to take my other child, I became firm and fought them. That is how I saved the boy,” said Kemigisa.

She said that Karungi was taken into the nearby bush, but residents turned up immediately and began chasing them. The animals had hidden the baby in the grass after removing the skirt she was wearing.

When the baby was discovered, she was unconscious and was immediately rushed to Muhorro Health centre III, where she is currently admitted. She said that on a daily basis, these chimpanzees traverse the area in search of food and they usually chase people.

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