Wednesday, 30 May 2018

Unbelievable! 62 year old woman gives birth to a baby boy after 7 years of pregnancy.

A man who name is Praiselove Ujere has taken to his Facebook page to share a story of a woman he met recently who claimed that she give birth to a baby boy after 7 years of pregnancy and at age 62.

Read his unbelievable story, This is amazing testimony. I met this mama in a few hours ago and she caught my attention as she kept talking and boasting of what the Lord did for her as she shouted: I am 62 years old, pregnant after 42 years of marriage; delivered a baby boy after 7 years of pregnancy, the baby is 11 months now!!! I sowed a little seed into her life, took permission to take her photograph, took her number and address because I want to visit her and sow seed into the life of this miracle baby!!! What a mighty God we serve

All things are possible with God and to him that believes.

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