Thursday, 17 May 2018

South African lady beaten black and blue by a man she refused to give her number.

Exactly 24 hours ago I found myself in a situation I have never thought I'd be in.

A guy I DID NOT even know beat me up so much that he left me bruised both physically and emotionally. The guy's first ever words to me were 'may I have your number?' which I coldly responded 'cha, angithandi'- no, I don't want you to.

The next thing I was seeing stars, the guy had punched me on my face, he tried to stab me but I blocked him with my hand which resulted into the cut I have on my palm. The guy kicked me calling me isfebe-a bitch until I passed out.

I find it ironical that he would call me that considering the fact that I was in the situation because I had refused to give him my number.

I spent the whole of yesterday moving between the clinic and the police station trying to explain how I was beaten by a stranger that felt entitled to be in my sacred space- to have my number.

My phone and pepper spray got stolen in the process. I'm appalled by how stupid one can be. I find this to be so stupid that I've been laughing about it since it happened. Besides the fact that I hate sympathy, the laughter emanates from the anger that's boiling inside of me. I feel for my sisters-women.

I understand that not all
men are trash. But there must be something wrong with our society.

As shared by Snenhlanhla Nonkuleko Ngidi

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