Friday, 4 May 2018

Shocking! Lady excretes padlock and key as she went to ease herself in her village.

A lady has said that she has excreted a padlock and key which she alleged to have tormented her for 23 years.

Read the story as shared by Onyi Blonde on her Facebook page, The early hours of today have left me terrified and tear_dropping, I don't know if its tear of Joy that am set-free or tear of having this dangerous object inside of me for 23yrs now.

Last night I couldn't sleep, i arrived my home town last night, then I woke up this morning I wanted to poo I found it difficult, I struggled n struggled n finally a padlock with a key locked came out with my faeces..after awhile blood flow followed..a pastor once told me there r two objects in me distracting me from moving forward..once I save up to 200k in my life it will vanish n yes I lost 200k during December fear is, is there still another object inside of me...I thank God for my breakthrough n deliverance I decree n declare in your life whereever your destiny have been tied to I release it and set u free IJN...#savedbygrace

See pictures.


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