Tuesday, 8 May 2018

Prophet arrested for saying that Catholic knights and women are occultic.

Chris Mordi, a prophet who is the General Overseer of Miracle of Fires Ministry, has been arrested for claiming that God revealed to him that Catholic Church women and knights were members of the occult world.

Mordi, 35, who has his church at the Langbasa, Ajah. Lagos State, was arrested by the Lagos State Commissioner of Police, Imohimi Edgal, who described such alleged revelation as hate speech.

Mordi, who insisted that he was ordained by God to unveil workers of inequality, said that he meant no harm to any individual or group of people.

According to him: “I only wanted to tell members of the public what God revealed to me. God always gives me messages to unveil to members of the public, especially concerning his forthcoming wrath against mankind.”

He added that he was about to hold a crusade before he was arrested. He said: “God revealed to me that those people are occultists. I didn’t mean any harm. I’m a messenger of God. I have to tell the world what God told me.

The theme of the crusade was ‘Beware of Catholic Women Organisation (CWO) and the Knights for they are occultists. The truth must be unveiled."

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