Friday, 18 May 2018

Nigerians reacts to police instruction to search their men before they search them.

So the official Twitter account of Nigeria Police Force sent out this tweet yesterday, "If an officer wants to search you in your house/ car, he must first surrender himself for searching. This is the procedure. Ask politely. #AskThePolice"

Nigerians did not find this funny as they began to recount their experiences with the Nigerian police. One Twitter user S Adeniyi wrote, "I am a lawyer and I know all these things but truth be told, they are all theoritical. Police men who wouldn't even avail you with their ID card, are they the one's that will give themselves up for searching. They go as far to plant things in people's property to squeeze them"

Another wrote, 01. The truth is an officer will never surrender himself for a civilian to search.
02. If they really want to search, They should present their search warrants
And if after the search they find nothing,
Pls they should kindly let innocent civilians go. Stop taking money from us

Some want as far to ask Nigerians for the sake of their lives that they should not try what the police said. Mr Fisher wrote,
"Brothers and sisters pls let's not use our hands to do ourselves o. Whenever you see a police abi Sars just know that the only right you have is Rite sausage roll. Allow dem do their work then you can react later"


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