Tuesday, 29 May 2018

Naval officer shot and killed a young man at a bar in Imo state.

This is Amadi Chukwuemeka Princewill. On Saturday 26th of May, he went on a sit out with his friends.  While there, one there one Mr Nick Anyanwu (current community  chairman and a re-election candidate) came to the sit out spot with a naval officer and started harassing them.

On seeing that his harrasser is a uniformed man, Chukwuemeka attempted to walk out on him but was dragged back by the naval officer and in the ensuring meelee was shot in the chest, killing him. The naval officer took him to Holy Rosary hospital, Emekuku and dumped him there.

Right now both the naval officer and the Mr Nick Anyanwu current chairman of Ndegbelu community in Akwa Imo state, are at large.

Pls rt this till it get to the relevant authorities. Justice for Chukwuemeka is all we ask.

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