Friday, 11 May 2018

Man killed by government agents in a bid to take their land in Lagos state.

Facebook user Modupe Iwalokun has alleged that some persons acting on the orders of the Lagos state government has killed his uncle all in the bid to take their lands in Makoko area of Lagos state.

Read what she wrote, This is what is going on right now at Ebute Matta, (Ori Oke Alala) church.

This people called themselves government just killed my uncle, Kola Iwalokun, is the only one talking care of his aged old daddy, this incident is still  going on as I'm typing right now, killing innocent people wasting their lives, all bcos government want to collect they're lands and properties.

Please friends and family help me to repost it, and all Iwalokun family should support on this issue.

I want Gov Abode to see this post, how government are killing innocent people here in Makoko.

Picture. Very graphic.


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