Monday, 21 May 2018

Check out what this guy wore to church that made them sent 'bounce' him.

A music producer that goes by the name Siktunezz has alleged that a church has sent his friend out because of the way he's dressed.

Read his post on instagram, Today my friend decided to go to church. He had sweat pants on and a t-shirt with Nike shoes.

From my balcony I watched him leave our compound only to return few minutes later with news that he was “bounced” from church. I laughed it off because I thought it was a joke but then he seemed to be serious about it !

He said a member of the protocol team walked up to him and said “excuse me , where are you going to “ my friend replies isn’t this a church? The man replies yes , then my friend asks “any problem? The man replies “you can’t go in . why ? response... am not here to make any case with anyone , I’ll just let you be the judge !

Hey, he dressed neatly maybe not just formal @mytph ! Pls which of the Gods is in charge of Lekki branch because it’s clear that “the rich” abi “formal” serve a corporate God.

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