Wednesday, 9 May 2018

Bride walks down the aisle days after a deadly crocodile attack that left her with one hand.

Abride whose arm was bitten off by crocodile gets married days after attack.
Zanele Ndlovu, a former national tennis player, got married to Jamie Fox on Sunday at Mater Dei Hospital in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, where she’s recovering from the crocodile attack, according to The Sun

The bride, however, almost didn’t get to say her vows. Days before, Ndlovu was in an inflatable canoe with Fox in Victoria Falls when a crocodile attacked the boat.
“During the attack the crocodile gripped her [right] arm and ripped it off while her partner made frantic efforts to save her.

They are lucky to be alive though,” a family member said. The crocodile also bit Ndlovu’s left hand. Fox jumped in and helped his then-fiancĂ©e, who lost so much blood he feared she might die.

After Fox created a makeshift tourniquet to stop the flow of blood long enough to get her to the hospital, surgeons were able to save Ndlovu’s life. But she lost the majority of her right arm.

Ndlovu, determined to make it to her wedding day, decided to use the hospital chapel as her new wedding venue. She walked down the aisle wearing a one-shoulder wedding dress and holding a bouquet with pink flowers. What remained of her right arm was heavily bandaged.
“It is a quite remarkable love story and it really does show their love for each other.

The crocodile attack made no difference,” a witness told The Sun. “Their feelings and love for each other are even stronger than before, if anything.”

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