Monday, 30 April 2018

Check out what this man did to this little girl for coming late from school.

A man and his wife have flogged a young girl that stays with them severally that she has marks all over her body.  In a post shared on Facebook by Tony Kanu, he said that it happened in Enugu, South East Nigeria. Read him.

This is the barbarity being unleashed daily on someone's child whom the man on this picture, and his wife, are keeping as "house girl".

This is happening right in our own South East!

The man was secretly snapped, after someone who witnesses the daily inhumanity couldn't take it anymore.

Just this afternoon, she was flogged like an animal again just because she came back at 3p.m when school was meant to dismiss at 2p.m. That was her offence... Not being back at 2p.m!

This is happening at New Haven Enugwu and my source who went to that compound took the photo shots and wants to remain anonymous.

I've told her to get me the name of the man and his wife. When I get it, I'll update it here.

This is inhumanity at its peak!

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