Friday, 23 February 2018

Man kills his wife and dumps her body in a lagoon in Lagos state.

The lifeless body of a woman was found beneath a water in Oke Eri street area of Oworonshoki. It was gathered that  the deceased and her husband were constantly having fights and this was known to the neighbours. Some days ago, they had a fight which resulted in the husband getting her arrested. She was detained in the police station in Oworonshoki and later released the next day.

On arriving home, another fight ensued that led to her demise. Report has it that the husband battered her to stupor until she passed out. Noticing she was lifeless, he shaved all her hair and dumped her body in the water.

Neighbours who were bothered about her whereabout inquired from the husband who was quick to deny having knowledge of where she has gone.

Her lifeless body which was seen in the water was found by a neighbour who alerted the people in the neighborhood. At the time of filling this report, the man had since been arrested and whisked way to the Oworonshoki police station of Lagos state

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